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Serra da Estrela boutique hotel, Portugal

Aldeia das Dez in the national park of the Serra do Açor and the Serra da Estrela
From 75 - €115 per room per night (sleeps 2)
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Serra da Estrela boutique hotel, Portugal

Description from the accommodation owner

Serra da Estrela boutique hotel, Portugal: the story of this holiday company

Fir Tiebout and Frenkel de Greeuw are your hosts and owners of this special place. 16 years ago they left Holland and embraced their new country Portugal. After spending some holidays in Portugal they fell in love with this wonderfull country and its peacfull people and started to look out for something to purchase. They found it in Aldeia das Dez: a pile of stones and 6 hectares of land coverd with brambles and man high vegetation but with a breathtaking view on the outskirts of a lovely mountain village. So they stayed, and after 4 years of planning and building on 18 may 1996 they opend their doors for the first hotel and restaurant guests. Fir is responsable for the administration but loves to tend the garden, recover antiques and decorate the hotel with hunderds of art objects and paintings. Frenkel on the other hand has turned our restaurant João Brandão into a national and international sucess. We had people driving from Lisbon ( 300 km) or Oporto ( 200 km) to have a lunch here and then drive back.

Responsible tourism: Serra da Estrela boutique hotel, Portugal


Our company cares about its environment. Being a hotel located in the middle of nature in a protected area we take upmost care in maintaining our ecological footprint as small as we can. Besides using alternate energy sources like solar energy to heat the hotel and its waters, we respect and work with the natural materials of this region and advise our guests how to be prudent with water and electricity.

We never build or take action in a way that would affect negatively the environment, we are proud to be a company that has greatly preventend that this place and village would enter in decay by giving it a responsable economical boost. We are now in process in altering all our energie fonts and making it more economical and eco friendly. The products we use for cleaning the hotel are biodegradable based on plants. Also our swimming pool is maintained with very low levels of chemicals.

Walking is one of the favourite things to do and we provide for detailed walking routes starting and ending at the hotel, guests often leave their cars aside for days.


Quinta da Geia always has and always will support the community. On all levels. Our team is local, the products we buy are as local as possible. We support local artists, local festivities, local websites and local sports groups.

Our guests are always directed to local artisans producing honey, cheese, wine and many other artefacts. On our facebook page we created and are in the process of promoting local events, special places to visit, activities. The village Aldeia das Dez benfits greatly from the hotel and its guests. Our bread comes from the local baker and the grocery shop is greatly visited by our whole year round guests.

Our staffs all come from this village or nearby villages and exept from 1 person none of them were branch trained. We invested time and money in them and give several learning and training courses each year in all the areas needed. We are very proud to say that the highest score we get on reviews are on the kindness and skillness of our staff. 3 of them already work with us for over 11 years and the others are with us between 3 and 6 years.

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Serra da Estrela boutique hotel, Portugal

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