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Responsible tourism: Cayman Island beach condos


At Carib Sands Beach Resort we are committed to our wildlife. Cayman Brac is a major stop over for bird migration during May and November, several hundred species of birds can be seen in the Westerly ponds and the bluff area. Our endangered Cayman Brac Parrots are fun to try and spot in there Parrot Reserve on top of the bluff, you will hear them before seeing them. West Indies Whistling Ducks are located on the West end of the island and make a whistling sound as they fly overhead. Our Green Rock Iguanas have the right away on the roads as well as all of the other wildlife found here, when you visit us please be sure to be on the look out for more than people on the road ways. Keeping the island clean and chemical free is our goal along with many other tourism partners who support preserving our island for others to enjoy. Water is precious especially on an island, our water at Carib Sands Beach Resort is safe to drink. It is piped in via the Water Authority which use a desalinazation process to remove salt from the sea water, many homes still use only cisterns for a fresh water supply.
We not only do our best to take care of our environment on the land but under the sea as well. Divers are not allowed to wear gloves and taking of sea sealife is against the law while on scuba. We support our local dive shops in there fight against the Lion fish that have made there way to the Cayman Islands reef system.


By staying at Carib Sands Beach Resort you aren't tied to a meal schedule as in other hotels. You have the opprotunity to visit our restaurants and deli's to expereince all of the local flavors. From Aunt Shaw's Kitchen or Star Island Restaraunt to Wednesday's Golden Jerk pork near Ed's Place and Bussy's Saturday night jerked chicken on the Northside of our island for local cusine. For an International and more local foods you can enjoy, The Captain's Table Restaurant & Pool side Bar, Tipsy Turtle Bar, Whistling Duck Bar, or if you just want to eat in your condo several grocery stores can provide most of what you need to prepare a meal. You can experience Cayman Brac at it's fullest during your stay at Carib Sands Beach Resort, and also supporting our local businesses.
The government here on Cayman Brac offers "free" island tours of the Brac. Keno or Greg are the best guides on island, they ride with you in your rental car and the tour will last as long as you wish. Both young Caymanians are very knowledgable and proud to show and tell visitors about their home of Cayman Brac.
Local artists supply guests with a variety of hand made items with shops dotted here and there all around the island. NIM Things in Spot Bay is a speical treat. When Mr. Tenneson is their he loves to tell all kinds of stories about life as a boy growing up on Cayman Brac. He is also an artist of Caymanite Jewelry. A semi precious stone, only a few persons are allowed to retrieve from the limestone bluff. From a rusty red color through the color scheme of warm colors this stone makes beautiful earrings and pendants which make great gifts for you or for someone special. Silver thatch palm weaving is almost a lost art here in the islands, hats, fans, baskets and decorations made with the dried silver thatch palm are a rare find.
Our local museum located in Stake Bay is free and is open most weekdays except for holidays. The Brac Musuem tells of the life of sea farers. Building boats from local lumber doesn't take place anymore but taking a step back in time at the museum, you get a since of pride and accomplishment of the Caymanian peoples. As the men went to sea the women were the care takers of the home and land. See what "whompers" are and learn of the ingenuity of many local families and how they survived on a small island.
All of our employees at Carib Sands will give you all kinds of information about the Brac, all you need to do is ask. And if Rohan isn't real busy ask him to cut a fresh coconut for you to experience fresh coconut milk right off the tree. We look forward your visit!

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Cayman Brac beach accommodation

Cayman Brac beach accommodation

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