Lisbon 4 star hotel, Portugal

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Lisbon 4 star hotel, Portugal

Description from the accommodation owner

Lisbon 4 star hotel, Portugal: the story of this holiday company

The hotel building was purchased in 2006 .The original building dated from the end of the 18th century and its facade is an example of Baroque and civil Pombal architecture. The hotel seeks to offer its clients a different experience in an ecologically sustainable hotel. We, therefore, adopt a policy of responsibility including sustainability as one of our core values, applied to all aspects of our business ranging from the use of environmentally friendly materials, paperless systems and even our gastronomic concept, amongst others. We believe that reduction is the only way to minimize the environmental impact of our business and really make a difference. This is why all our policies and values are geared to this end. If, like us, you believe that everything that surrounds us is a source of inspiration, you will find another indication of our commitment to preserve harmony and equilibrium between man and the environment in the implementation of the millenary principles of Feng Shui.

Responsible tourism: Lisbon 4 star hotel, Portugal


The hotel lives its motto "Engaging your senses" involving customers, employees, partners and suppliers, encouraging them to join in their sustainable movement. The hotel invests in environmental sustainability in its daily operation : from renewable energy to paper-less strategy as well as waste recycling and biodiversity preservation. Suppliers, guests, employees and stakeholders are altogether involved in this project to make our planet greener.

Sustainable development is the key element in our day-to-day thinking and decision making. We pay special attention to the impact of our actions and operations in all aspects of the environment: people, nature and materials.
We invest in new ways to eliminate or reduce harmful discharges, hazardous materials and waste and seeks to reduce consumption in all operational areas, reviewing constantly, and continuously improving the social and environmental impacts, complementing this development with third-party certification process.

The hotel also positions itself to be a natural extention of your company's decision-making centre, offering venues equipped with state-of-the-art technology, engaging surroundings and a team of people committed to making your meeting or event a memorable experience. We also create Green Meetings: Environmentally friendly strategies have been implemented not only in the hotel buildings but also in their day-to-day operation. Sustainability inspires us; minimisation is a priority.


Our motivation is to inspire and encourage a sustainable attitude among all stakeholders , from partners, vendors, employees to customers. We support the community through various partnerships with local institutions.
By supporting the organisation Pump Aid, we are involved in financing Water Pumps in Africa. We raise money by selling bottles of “homemade” and recycled filtered water to its guests and clients. Since the opening, the donations have contributed to the construction of two elephant pumps in Malawi.
The hotel also supports three national charitable organisations : Amara, APPDA and Rui Osório de Castro Foundation (FROC). Amara aims to provide training to professionals in palliative care, APPDA is a local association for autistic people and FROC supports children with cancer and their families.
We give our guests eco-tips such as what transportation to choose or what historical sites to visit and we encourage them to discover the local foods and crafts.

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Lisbon 4 star hotel, Portugal

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