Sardinia country style hotel, Italy

Riola Sardo, Oristano, Sardinia
From 129 - 259 per accommodation per night (sleeps 2)
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Sardinia country style hotel, Italy

Description from the accommodation owner

Sardinia country style hotel, Italy: the story of this holiday company

in 2005 this big family house was inherithed by two people who hardly knew each other. they were aunt and nephew, Gabriella and David. when they were thinking of what they were going to do with the house one said:" let's make a hotel" the idea sounded good, the house was not so bad and it did not need too much work on it. So with no experience they started the business making all the mistakes they could, but really caring of their guests who are treated as if they were hosted in a house rather than a hotel. David is an engineer expert of ancient building tecniques Gabriella a inner decorator.

Responsible tourism: Sardinia country style hotel, Italy


The ancient building with thick raw earth bricks is a energy saver itself. Bricks were made letting the earth dry in a stamp, hay and small stones were added to give more strenght to the material. The building needs constant care and every year we need to make minor works, always using natural and local materials, from the lime plaster to the organic painting, coloured with iron oxide. The thick walls insulate from heat in Summer time and protect from cold in the winter. You just need low energy heat pumps to regulate the inner climate of rooms and buildings. The heating of water is made by solar panels, all the waste goes through recycle. The garden hosts several plants of the region and birds of all kind coming from the nearby countryside. No pesticides of any kind are used in the garden, also because the big lemon tree provides every day lemons for cakes and for the tea.


Since the hotel was originally a house the spirit has remained the same. We welcome guests with a glass of the local wine, the Vernaccia which is the wine you would be offered entering any home of the village. Together with the glass of wine we give guests a small map of the area, pointing out all the unmissable things to do and see, the genuine local restaurants and the holiday farm houses where you can taste some of the most tasty traditional dinners. At breakfast we serve all local products as far as we can, all food and wine comes from as close as possible to our village, to support the local economy and reduce transportation. The countryside is very healthy around this village as there are no factories or massive farms. The construction and restoration of the building was made by ancient tecniques and organic materials. We were one of the first who restored an ancient house in Sardinia and turned it into a hotel. Our experience moved many other people to restore ancient houses which were abandoned and to turn them into holiday houses or small BeBs.

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Sardinia country style hotel, Italy

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