Cintsa backpackers lodge & hostel, South Africa

Cintsa West, Cintsa
From R 95 - R 680 per person per night
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Cintsa backpackers lodge & hostel, South Africa

Description from the accommodation owner

Cintsa backpackers lodge & hostel, South Africa: the story of this holiday company

Buccaneers Retreat began as a small farm overlooking Cintsa Bay in the 1980's with a main farm house and...well not much more! Over the last 30 years it has grown along with the Price family, who have invested all they have into developing this travelers haven. From planting hundreds of indigenous trees to building new cottages; the Prices invited travelers from around the world to share their home. All are welcome. Today the extended Buccaneers family includes many international travelers who came and never left, and now contribute to the homely, welcoming atmosphere of this stunning place.

Responsible tourism: Cintsa backpackers lodge & hostel, South Africa


Waste: Reduce, reuse and recycle! Buccaneers proudly encourage guests to contribute suitable, recyclable waste to several local arts and craft projects. Boxes and signs are posted at reception where guests can contribute their bottle tops, milk cartons, cans and more to arts projects in local schools and the community. In fact...if they take a wander around our gift shop they will find that almost all of our souvenirs are created from recycled materials, by local people. Our conscientious bar staff also recycle glass bottles from the local Cintsa Ale Emerald Vale where the bottles are returned to the micro-brewery and re-used in the next batch!

Water is extremely precious in this part of the world and over the last few years we have set up water harvesting systems around the Buccaneers property utilizing water tanks to harvest the rain water from suitable roofs and pump systems to use the rain water in sinks and showers. We also encourage guests to limit their showers to 3 minutes long.


Friends and Neighbors: we value local businesses and like to share the wealth! We recommend adventure and tour activities that benefit local, small businesses and communities, for example, our Cultural Tour visits local tour guide Mama Tofu (the oldest registered tour guide in South Africa), in her traditional village where, as well as a large proportion of the guests fee going directly to Mama Tofu and her family, locals can also show and sell their home-made crafts and music, while guests learn about the Xhosa Culture.

We also offer a half day experience in a local creche where guests can join international volunteers in assisting the local ladies to care for the children. The international volunteers are brought in by local volunteer organisation VA32 (of which Sean Price is director), whose projects in education especially are a big asset to the community. As well as assisting at the local creche where there are up to 45 children in a classroom with one adult, the projects also teach computer literacy in local schools and provide extra hands to teachers in an Independent School. Buccaneers helps to secure volunteers through informing guests of the local projects and encouraging them to visit them or sign up.

Fair Deal: Buccaneers employ a wealth of local people for a range of jobs from receptionists, cooks and cleaners, security guards and bar staff. Our employment policies are fair, we provide training and opportunity to grow within a position.

Local Crafts and Culture: Our Proudly South African gift shop is crammed full of locally produced gifts and souvenirs. Only gifts that were made in South Africa and contributed to the development of a community are sold in the shop. If there is anything missing from what we offer guests are directed to the local crafts people who sell their bead work, paintings and wooden crafts at the entrance to Cintsa East beach.

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Cintsa backpackers lodge & hostel, South Africa

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