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Health and wellness eco-resort, Costa Rica

near Dominical Beach
From US $60 - US $70 per accommodation per night
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$60 Green Season May-Nov; $70 High Season Dec-April plus sales tax for single occupancy. 10% discount for 14-or-more nights; and 20% for 3-or-more nights. Additional persons are +$15 per night. Mandatory $6 food fee per person per day for use of all fruits and vegetables in the communal kitchen.
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Health and wellness eco-resort, Costa Rica

Description from the accommodation owner

Health and wellness eco-resort, Costa Rica: the story of this holiday company

The inspiration for Farm of Life is the result of our respective histories with chronic disease – Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Asthma. Having exhausted medicine, we sought far and wide to reclaim health. Thankfully, health arrived when we learned and applied the principals of raw foods, correct thinking and healthful living. We are grateful for the knowledge we’ve gained, and feel our higher purpose is to give it back. Our mission is to guide guests to heal body, mind and spirit by educating and inspiring them on natural healing, spiritual growth and more.

Responsible tourism: Health and wellness eco-resort, Costa Rica


We have planted hundreds of fruit and hardwood trees and hundreds more of ornamental, floral and fragrant plants. For this reason, we enjoy an abundance of wildlife - birds, butterflies, monkeys and more! We planted hardwood corridor connecting 2 primary forests, in hopes that one day monkey troops will travel through and have increase territory range.

We are vegetarian and consume a large amount of fruits and vegetables. All of this scrap is put into our composting system. We eat anywhere from 50 - 250 coconuts a week... and the coconut fiber is excellent to put as compost around the food forest and in the greenhouse.

We eat the fruits of our trees and also have a greenhouse to grow our own greens. Our goal is to be able to live sustainably off of our fruit trees and greenhouse. At the moment, the fruit orchard is still young (about 5-7 years) and not all the trees are giving fruit. We supplement by purchasing food from the local farmers and we always buy local, seasonal and organic!

All water is harvested from natural springs - the water is clean, pure and healing! And, we created a lovely soak pool that fills from one of the springs... so that guests can experience this marvel of nature!

We use a biodigestor septic system that is full of microorganisms that digest the excrement. Only biodegradable toilet paper and products are put into the system. And the effluent is used to fertilize our trees and gardens.

We are connected to the grid, yet feel satisfied knowing that Costa Rica's grid is 70% from renewable sources, such as wind and thermal.

We built our structures using local, sustainable woods, including bamboo.


We are pleased to hire employees from our village. We give them fair and reasonable salaries with social security and annual bonuses and raises. Our core employees are our team, in the beginning of this venture they were our lifeline, and we consider them family.

We have had 3 building phases on this farm, and each time we hired skilled men from the village. When new foreigners move into the area, we recommend the locals for hire.

We often 'teach' at the local school... one time was a painting class and other occasions of teaching children's yoga and upcoming an English session.

We make donations to our neighbors whose property we often pass through to access waterfalls. We give them a portion of our profits for each guest we bring in. In exchange, they keep the trails in order and they love sharing with all the happy tourists.

We support all community fundraising efforts, particularly for road maintenance and the women's cooperative.

We buy our fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk, even harvest wood for construction, from within our own village as often as possible. We have built several strong relationships with farmers and their families.

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Health and wellness eco-resort, Costa Rica

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