Lake Clear lodge, Adirondacks, New York

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lake Clear lodge, Adirondacks, New York


From both a personal and business perspective we are very environmentally conscious, and aim to live in a very natural way. We are lucky to live in amid the spectacular Adirondacks landscape and we embrace our natural surroundings by spending time out on the lake and exploring the area in ways that are environmentally friendly and do not pose a threat to any wildlife habitats, such as canoeing and hiking. There's a diverse terrain with an abundance of wildlife and incredible natural mosaics from bogs, ponds and forests and majestic mountain views and we'd encourage everyone visiting the region to explore responsibly, sticking to the common environmental policy of leaving places as you found them, or even tidier!

Our location is perfect for those wanting to reconnect with nature and we encourage this by having few electronic appliances within the buildings, for example TVs, and we supply kayaks, canoes and bikes free of charge to encourage people to explore the surrounding areas in an environmentally friendly way. There's even great opportunity to dive in the clear waters of the lake and explore what's underneath with minimal disturbance. We've also put together detailed guide information about biking and hiking in the Adirondacks and made this available for our guests.

Our restaurant offers a 'culinary journey' with many seasonal and locally produced foods on offer. This offers a taste of the Adirondacks and through choosing local suppliers we aim to keep food miles to a minimum. We do things as organically and sustainably as possible, and support local farmers and members of the community in doing so.


We are well linked with the local community, buying from local suppliers and supporting other local businesses through our own. We are in touch with local activity providers that we can make arrangements with when our guests want to get out and try different ways of exploring the surroundings.

We enjoy being somewhat away from it all and living in a traditional way, sourcing produce from local farmers and communicating with other local businesses and community members to ensure everyone is benefiting as much as possible from people visiting the Adirondacks. In our busy tourist season, we employ up to 11 staff and provide them with a fair and friendly place to work. We incorporate other businesses into visitors' experience, for example guests can learn about fresh seasonal foods provided by farmers during the harvest season, and we run trips for beer tasting too.

We are well linked with another 5 leaf rated lodge called Gauthiers, and often recommend the Eat n Meet Grill to our guests, which also supports local farmers by serving local meats and can offer a great insight into life in the Adirondacks with a warm welcome to visitors and locals alike.

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