Adirondack backcountry camp, NY, USA


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Adirondack backcountry camp, NY, USA


Here at the camp, we're all about enjoying the outdoors in a sustainable way. By preserving the land and wildlife around us we can ensure that people will be able to enjoy it to same level in years to come, and there are lots of ways we go about conserving our environment. We manage the area very naturally, from using organic soaps and cleaning products to using wood that has been sustainably sourced from our own forests to build our cabins.

Our environmental impact is very low and we promote a real back to basics, natural experience, and have no electricity or gas on site. We use rechargeable batteries for the lanterns in each cabin and headlamps which are provided for guests.

We cook all meals on a wood burning stove, which itself is constructed from salvaged cast iron that has been given a new lease of life! Selective lumbering in order to preserve and maintain the forest areas gives us wood to use for various purposes around the site, from burning to using for construction of new cabins and communal areas, and creating wood chips for waterside areas, which also doubles as a great natural bug repellent!

We use 100% biodegradable soaps for our outdoor shower house, and all our water waste goes into a leach field below our on site vegetable and herb garden. We would always encourage guests to be conscious of the amount of water that they use in an effort to conserve as much water as possible. It's important that we are responsible with our waste so we recycle wherever we can, and send food waste to a local farm to be fed to the pigs.

There is an abundance of wildlife in the Adirondacks and the camp area too. By being conscious and mindful of the creatures living in the area and managing the site very naturally we can ensure the well being of our local wildlife.

It's important to encourage people to travel in the most environmentally friendly way possible and guests are able to reach us via the Amtrak railway, arriving into a nearby station. There's lots of opportunities for mountain biking around the Adirondack Park and we'd certainly encourage people to spend time cycling and hiking the area. That is, after all, what visiting the Adirondacks is all about!


After spending time traveling and working in New York City, it's great to live in an area like the Adirondacks that has such a strong sense of community. Keeping things local is just a way of life here, and we support local business by sourcing all of our materials locally, from the nearby farmers that supply our food, to the local people that create our organic soaps. Everyone that is involved with keeping the camp running is local, from the architects and lumbermen used for the build, to the employees working within the camp on a day to day basis. We employ between 15-20 local people, helping them to work in an environment which they are passionate about as well as enabling them to sustain a livelihood in an area where opportunities can sometimes be difficult to find.

As well as recommending good local restaurants that our guests can use if they want to venture out of the camp for an evening, we also link with local activity providers, most of which have been working outdoors in the Adirondacks for many years, and promote their off site activities to our customers, sharing the benefits which tourism brings to the area with as many different people within the community as possible. Each year, the camp also donates to several local charities and local fire departments in the area.

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