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Vegetarian bed & breakfast near Cusco in Peru

Pichuimarca, Limatambo, Cusco
From US $32 - US $80 per person per night
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The price depends on the number of people occupying the bungalow. A delicious wholefood breakfast is included.
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Vegetarian bed & breakfast near Cusco in Peru

Description from the accommodation owner

Vegetarian bed & breakfast near Cusco in Peru: the story of this holiday company

We are Oda (Durga) from Germany and Armando (Ganesha) from Peru. Eleven years ago we started building our family home on the land where our guesthouse is located. Our dream was to go back to the countryside and create a healthier life style for us, so we began to grow our own (organic) vegetables and fruit. We are both vegetarians and have organised tours for vegetarians and vegans as well as for people with food allergies for over twenty years in the Andes. Seven years ago we trained as Yoga teachers (Sivananda Yoga) and since then we had the vision of sharing our space with people interested in vegetarianism, Yoga practice, meditation and alternative life styles at large. We love to spoil our guests with healthy home cooked food from our garden. Oda is a passionate cook whilst Armando enjoys going on country walks with our guests.

Responsible tourism: Vegetarian bed & breakfast near Cusco in Peru


We have implemented a separation of garbage and recycle organic wastes in our compost heap. Using our own organically grown fruit and vegetables to a maximum also reduces wasteful packaging. As a water saving initiative we inform our guests that we change the sheets or towels every three days only, unless we are specifically requested to do so before. We do not use bleach in our washing nor do we iron our bedding. We provide soap and shampoo dispensers in the bathrooms to avoid the extra packaging and waste of supplying individual soap bars and shampoos. Our soaps and shampoos are made of pure vegetable ingredients and are not tested on animals. It is our policy not to sell any drinks in plastic bottles. Instead we provide drinking water free of charge in the bungalows and in the main building in order to lower the impact of using plastics. Our guesthouse is built from locally produced adobe clay, stones and wood, blending in perfectly with the environment.


We include local attractions in our Yoga holidays that create local income for archeological sites, thermal baths as well as guides and drivers. We have given examples to our local community by inviting specialists instructing the neighbours on the benefits of organic farming versus the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Some of our neighbours have sinced switched to more natural methods of farming. We also clean the community reservoir and water pipes for the local drinking water every year. Each Xmas we organise a party for the children of the neighbourhood where they recieve small gifts. We currently employ one local person full-time whose responsibility it is to look after our fruit and vegetable garden. Occasionally we also provide part-time jobs for some of our immediate neighbours (helping in the garden and with the housekeeping and cooking). We provide good working conditions and pay our staff above the going rate.

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Vegetarian bed & breakfast near Cusco in Peru

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