Seki village rural self catering cottage, Turkey


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Seki village rural self catering cottage, Turkey


By taking over the century old cottages, we were able to save them from being destroyed as so many other old village cottages are. We restored the cottages, preserving the architectural idiosyncrasies of the region. All carpentry has been done by a carpenter from the upper Taurus Mountains, one of the very few who carries on the craft of traditional manual woodcarving. The original wood work has been preserved and is exhibited throughout the garden. As the old stone cottages in our villages are not under any preservation orders, they often get torn down or are left to fall apart. In order to preserve the architectural and social characteristic of our village, we have co-founded a society for the conservation and recovery of the village Seki.
In the last 10 years we have been raising awareness regarding waste management in our community. As our municipality does not provide this service, we personally clean up the streets in and around the village and the nearby forest. We separate our trash, encourage our guests to do likewise and deliver the recyclable waste to the necessary places. We compost organic waste and use it as fertilizer.


We have been campaigning for both preservation and change in our village. We lobbied for and achieved a ban on the construction of houses that have more than two stories. After a shortage of irrigation water we lobbied for and achieved the opening of a second well, since farmland and its proper irrigation is key to the future of our village.
Our future and the future of this village is tied together. So we try to maintain and create sources of income for villagers. Apart from employing several locals, giving them fair wages and reasonable and flexible working hours (which is of particular importance for women, who have many duties at home), we buy our produce locally and steer our guests to do likewise.
We love this region, in particular the many breathtaking places in the Taurus Mountains that are off the beaten track. Many of our guests are profiting from our knowledge and are able to visit and experience places like the remote but very lively and beautiful mountain village Ormana, its local eatery and the breathtaking water grotto that is nearby.

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