Hampton Bays hotel and cottages, New York State, USA

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Hampton Bays hotel and cottages, New York State, USA


We at Bowen's have always had an interest in reducing our negative impact on the environment.

For over 20 years we have been washing all of our linens (with water saving high efficiency washing machine) on site and drying them on a clothesline. This reduces energy usage and has the added benefit of making the sheets smell wonderful!

We have installed all low flow toilets and shower heads, carefully choosing those that still deliver efficiency and effectiveness. Almost every light fixture here at Bowen's has been using energy saving compact fluorescents for years ,many of which are now being replaced with even more efficient LED bulbs. There is also some solar lighting in use in the landscaping.

Rather than just having the convenience of the typical commercial carter, we remove all cans, bottles, plastics, newspaper and cardboard from the waste stream and deliver it for recycling. We have been harvesting dried seaweed from the beach for years to mulch our gardens, and our lawn fertilizers are organic. Pests are controlled in the garden mostly with companion planting, and around the buildings with natural peppermint. This aids in reducing damaging polluted runoff, and also protects wildlife from dangerous chemicals. Our goldfish pond and waterfall draw many deer as a reliable source of fresh water, and we are careful to keep that pristine. Any alga produced by very hot weather is dealt with by the water hyacinths, which keep the water crystal clear.


We recognize that for a community to thrive, all need to prosper, and all are interrelated.

We have information available on local restaurants, and are always available to discuss different dining options and what might best suit a guest's tastes and budget. We are familiar with local fish markets, farm stands and locally owned, non chain restaurants. We offer information on fishing charters and other attractions as well as suitable day trip itineraries to best experience the unique character of this area. There is much more to the Hamptons that just world class beaches and the occasional movie star sighting.

We have been vocal in support of responsible change within the community, seeking to encourage growth while maintaining the small town charm and character of our hamlet. We support craftspeople and artisans by choosing their wares to decorate our rooms and cottages. The individual personality of our lodging is reflective of the individual nature of the crafts, art and linens that we seek out at craft shows and artisans cooperatives and utilize here at Bowen's.

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