Pr' Gavedarjo bed and breakfast in Slovenia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Pr' Gavedarjo bed and breakfast in Slovenia


The Pr’ Gavedarjo in Podkoren, Kranjska Gora has just achieved a prestigious Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations Gold Certification. Travelife – the international sustainability certification scheme – assesses a property’s performance in managing their social, environmental and economic impacts.

At Pr’ Gavedarjo Design Rooms we are all conscious that the action of each and every one of us has the impact on the environment, so we ensure we’re doing our bit to build a sustainable future with the help of our guests and other stakeholders.

We are reducing our energy use by providing heat from renewable sources and the waste heat from a nearby industry, by modern lightning control and ventilation systems and energy efficient appliances.

We have reduced the amount of waste we produce by recycling and using refillable containers, buying in bulk and reducing the amount of resources used.

We use various methods to save water, including the technologies installed in guest rooms or public areas, such as dual flush toilets, low-flow shower heads and taps

As well as these day-to-day environmental measures, we go even further to protect the environment by providing the healthy sleeping environment with all natural materials used (waxed wooden floor, furniture made of whole wood, lime painted walls) and organic sheets, mattresses and towels, organic shampoos and soaps and recycled toilet papers and tissues. We offer our guests healthy organic and local breakfast for the good beginning of successful day.

At the end we do measure our performance regularly to monitor the impact of our sustainability efforts and plan improvements accordingly.


Travelife certification shows that Pr’ Gavedarjo Design Rooms social commitment consists of our responsibility towards our employees and the community in which we carries out our business. We recognise the community and employees as a vital to the success of our bussiness and the sustainable and responsible bussiness as our core values, thus we commit to sustainable development and contribution to the society we work and live in and working to contribute to the improvement and enhanced well-being of its social surroundings, generating opportunities for economic and social development and maintaing the local culture and heritage.

Our responsibility towards our employees and the community is governed by respect and by encouraging personal, economic and professional development. Since the company began, Pr’ Gavedarjo has considered the people to be its main asset so we have always given top priority to respect of human rights, equal opportunity for all and on the job training. The Pr’ Gavedarjo Design Rooms team is characterised by its loyalty to the company and its identification with its philosophy of service and sustainable development. All this to ensure that we consistently offer our guests the best service on a daily basis.

Our focus is to continuously improve our relations with local communities by supporting local people by buying food/other services from local suppliers and encouraging our guests to visit local restaurants, markets and attractions so that they have an opportunity to spend money and support the local economy.

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