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Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey

Cirali beach
From £290 - £340 (7 days) per week
Airport transfers can be arranged for an additional £100, paid locally. Prices are PER PERSON, per week, based on 2 sharing. Children under 6 stay for free. Children 6-12 are charged £15/night, children over 12 and extra adults £30/night.
Vouchers: accepted
Book now for a £50 discount from May and June bookings.
78 reviews4 star rating
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Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey

Description from the accommodation owner

“You can smell the fresh bread being made; you can hear the gentle waves of the sea, and when you look up, the sky is a huge starscape.”

Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey: the story of this holiday company

Serkan studied Drama at Bristol University then worked as a film maker in Soho, London, but his love of his home country, Turkey, led him to set up a tour company. His itineraries combine extraordinary experiences in weird and wonderful places along with the traditional highlights. Serkan hand-picks local guides for their genuine respect, personality and charisma, who don’t just regurgitate information from textbooks. He believes that the incredible hospitality, curiosity and warmth of the people, as well as the landscapes and history, are what make Turkey so special. These ambient holidays offer an opportunity to see the country through the eyes of a local.

Responsible tourism: Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey

This beach holiday in Turkey donates £5 from your booking fee to the Ulupinar Conservation Coop who protect and monitor the activities of local sea turtles. The beach is a popular nesting site for the species known as Caretta Caretta. Protecting them may also save the area from major development. There are few places left in Turkey, perhaps the whole Mediterranean, that are as pure and as beautiful as Olympos beach. We feel we must do anything we can to help preserve it. With the money raised from these holidays we aim to equip the conservation coop with a new GPS system and an infrared video camera to help document turtle activity. The beach is also home to various rare species of plants including Sand Lilies.

The accommodation is an independent small hotel that maintains high standards of responsibility with regards to its operation; composting of organic waste, recycling bins, no use of chemicals or pesticides in the gardens, solar heating panels for hot water and low energy bulbs and appliances where possible. Careful consideration has also been put into the construction of these cottages so that they work in harmony with their surroundings. All cottages are built entirely from wood, no concrete is used in their construction. In theory, the cottages can be removed at any time with no scar on the landscape or environment.

Food produce is mainly sourced from local organic farms. The village of Cirali has several farms that are certified organic! This hotel is family run and also contributes positively to the local village economy; airport transfers and other related operational tasks are done by local people.

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Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey

You can trust Responsible Travel reviews because, unlike many other schemes, reviews can ONLY be written by people who we have verified have been on the holidays. In addition, we don't run these holidays ourselves - our only interest is giving you the best independent advice.

5 stars
I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
4 stars
Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
3 stars
Very enjoyable
2 stars
It was OK
1 star
A bit disappointing really

Reviewed 22 Sep 2015 by 4 star rating

Fabulous, relaxing and comfortable. (read full review)

Reviewed 02 Aug 2015 by 4 star rating

The peace and quiet! 4 stars!(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Jul 2014 by 5 star rating

It's a very special place and we had a fabulous holiday - it will be hard to beat.(read full review)

Reviewed 14 Jul 2014 by 5 star rating

Exceptional, unforgettable...The people at the hotel, the peace and solitude of the place, nature(read full review)

Reviewed 13 May 2014 by 5 star rating

Probably one of the best holidays we have ever had. If you're looking for somewhere to relax, good food, wonderful people, as little or as much to do and see as you like then book now!(read full review)

Reviewed 02 Jul 2014 by 3 star rating

Very good for food and weather. Hotel had very friendly staff. taking boat trips around the coast. Snorkelling in the sea...Just lounging around on the beach reading was hugely enjoyable!(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Oct 2013 by 5 star rating

The rest and relaxation was wonderful...(read full review)

Reviewed 28 Jul 2013 by 5 star rating

Cirali is a beautiful area - breathtaking mountains surrounding the crystal clear water and pebble beach. I highly recommend rising one morning at dawn and heading to the beach to watch the loggerhead turtles hatching - an unforgettable experience and definitely worth an early start.(read full review)

Reviewed 02 Jul 2013 by 5 star rating

Excellent; best holiday in years....Fantastic welcome and marvellous service in magical surroundings. Food absolutely excellent, and lots of it. Chimera is fascinating; visited twice in spite of the incredibly hot walk up the hill. Not to be missed. (read full review)

Reviewed 24 Jun 2013 by 5 star rating

Five stars brilliant.....the over all memorable moment was lots of moments just chilling out at the Turkish style cushioned area under the trees, smelling the heavenly scents that the garden gave off (not to mention the food) and going for a swims in the crystal clear water.(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Oct 2013 by 4 star rating

Excellent. Completely relaxing from start to finish.(read full review)

Reviewed 05 Oct 2013 by 4 star rating

Delightful, Staff really helpful in contacting the airport lost luggage department when Easyjet lost my luggage!(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Aug 2013 by 4 star rating

The most memorable part was the wildlife - seeing baby turtles hatching as the sun was coming up - our resident octopus in its hole just near the beach, tortoises mating and my children loving the cats and playing with them.(read full review)

Reviewed 21 Aug 2013 by 4 star rating

Very good. The Bellarfron Hotel is very good, with excellent food and delightful people. The accommodation was first rate.(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Jul 2013 by 4 star rating

Wonderful, really enjoyed it and would certainly return and recommend(read full review)

Reviewed 20 Jun 2013 by 4 star rating

Without doubt the best holiday for, people, accommodation, cleanliness, clear blue sea, atmosphere & calm. (read full review)

Reviewed 10 Aug 2012 by 5 star rating

The most memorable part of the holiday was the evening meals in the restaurant in total silence apart from the sound of the sea gently lapping against the beach. Wandering through the ruins of Olympus.(read full review)

Reviewed 30 Oct 2012 by 4 star rating

The holiday was lovely....Sitting under the stars (fabulous Milky Way) eating our evening meal on the beach with the tables placed round a bonfire. Good food, good company, a bottle of wine, bliss!(read full review)

Reviewed 27 Sep 2012 by 4 star rating

Fantastic location and views and wonderful hospitality from local people. Truly memorable.(read full review)

Reviewed 31 Jul 2012 by 4 star rating

The most memorable part of the holiday was the lovely villa set in fabulous gardens with views out over the sparkling sea to the islands and to Kas. The friendly people and the great food.(read full review)

Reviewed 02 Jul 2012 by 4 star rating

The most exciting part was seeing the Chimaera, we cycled there from the hotel one evening to see the 'burning rocks' - quite a climb to get there in the heat but well worth it.(read full review)

Reviewed 14 Jun 2012 by 4 star rating

It was all fantastic: completely relaxing and just what we needed.(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Jun 2011 by 5 star rating

Staying in a beautiful place and being looked after so well were most memorable. Outstanding - would like to take the whole family next time.(read full review)

Reviewed 12 Dec 2011 by 4 star rating

We thought the service was excellent. We loved the laid back attitude...On a few evenings we had dinner on the beach with a fire underneath the beautiful starry sky which we thought was quite special.(read full review)

Reviewed 31 Aug 2011 by 4 star rating

It was a great break. A good combination of relaxation and filling my need to go and explore. (read full review)

Reviewed 26 Aug 2011 by 4 star rating

Relaxing by the beach and the beautiful clean sea on the Turquoise Coast was most memorable. Very relaxing, very enjoyable. Lovely people. (read full review)

Reviewed 25 Aug 2011 by 4 star rating

Most memorable was the boat trip down the coast, as recommended by the resort owner. For a relaxing week in a beautiful location it was wonderful. (read full review)

Reviewed 02 Aug 2011 by 4 star rating

Excellent for total relaxation, peace and swimming. Cicadas were the loudest noise all week. Watching turtle hatchlings make their way to the sea from their nests at dawn was most memorable.(read full review)

Reviewed 25 Jul 2011 by 4 star rating

Fantastic. From the food to the location to the way we were looked after, everything was exactly what we wished for. (read full review)

Reviewed 18 Jul 2011 by 4 star rating

The location of the hotel and the environment was nice and children friendly. Food was good and staff very friendly. And I would recommend the place to anybody wanting to recharge their batteries.(read full review)

Reviewed 01 Dec 2011 by 3 star rating

Very pleasant, simple and enjoyable holiday. Low-key, gentle and undemanding. We unwound and came back home feeling relaxed and refreshed.(read full review)

Reviewed 26 Oct 2010 by 5 star rating

The food was excellent, especially when served on the beach.(read full review)

Reviewed 11 Oct 2010 by 4 star rating

The beach location and peace and quiet were just what we needed. No crowds, no fighting for sunbeds, just calm and lovely food... And do go on a boat trip - we saw turtles swimming around our boat which was fantastic.(read full review)

Reviewed 06 Oct 2010 by 4 star rating

Relaxing in the peaceful surroundings and watching the turtles hatching and making their way to the sea on our last day... Wonderful and very relaxing - we will definitely go back. (read full review)

Reviewed 22 Sep 2010 by 4 star rating

Very relaxing, definitely somewhere to return... The general ambiance of the accommodation, a grown up backpackers retreat, with great food and genuine hospitality were most memorable. (read full review)

Reviewed 16 Sep 2010 by 4 star rating

Excellent. A complete change from our normal life, no TV, telephone, music, traffic noise. Hot weather, glorious beach with fabulous Roman ruins, lovely food and charming, polite, low key people...The peace and tranquility was the most memorable part.(read full review)

Reviewed 21 Jun 2010 by 4 star rating

It was all extremely beautiful and just the relaxation I needed. The most exciting part was discovering one morning that a turtle had laid its eggs overnight - we got to the beach early enough to see its tracks in the sand... (read full review)

Reviewed 31 May 2010 by 4 star rating

Nine out of ten.(read full review)

Reviewed 17 Jul 2009 by 5 star rating

We loved visiting the Chimaera at dusk. It was really atmospheric and well worth the climb. I would also recommend the trip to the sunken city. It was a real treat to swim off the boat in the clear water and have a Turkish meal freshly cooked on board.(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Sep 2009 by 4 star rating

Most memorable was the fantastic view of the beach from the terrace where we ate breakfast and dinner. Very chilled out hotel with amazing beach. Very friendly hotel staff and people in the village.(read full review)

Reviewed 21 Sep 2009 by 4 star rating

Arriving at the hotel in the dark meant we had a wonderful surprise when we woke to find inviting breakfast tables set out beach side and the wonderful vistas along Olympos Beach.(read full review)

Reviewed 16 Sep 2009 by 4 star rating

We had arrived in the early hours when everywhere was in darkness so waking up to the full beauty of our surroundings was great. (read full review)

Reviewed 02 Sep 2009 by 4 star rating

Most memorable was watching a turtle make it's first unsteady steps at dawn as it headed out of its nest to the sea, and then seeing an adult turtle swimming in the sea next to our boat on a magical day trip exploring beautiful, idyllic bays. (read full review)

Reviewed 07 Jul 2009 by 4 star rating

Most memorable? Arriving for breakfast in the morning having had a comfortable night in our chalet in the orange grove - to find tables set out in the lovely garden - beautiful breakfast and service - then walked onto the beach.(read full review)

Reviewed 16 Jun 2009 by 4 star rating

It was great to be able to completely unwind for 2 weeks in a relaxing and friendly place.(read full review)

Reviewed 27 May 2009 by 4 star rating

We had a wonderful holiday which combined the relaxation of the hotel and beach with the mini-adventures exploring the sites. The food, which was high quality and varied, was served to us at tables covered with white cotton table cloths in the beautiful setting of the beach patio, which was a memorable experience in itself. (read full review)

Reviewed 21 May 2009 by 4 star rating

A refreshing stress-free break to recharge the batteries... Three most memorable things: an evening "climb" to the Chimère; visits to the Olympos, Myra & Demre sites of historic interest, and the pure crystalline water of the sea at Cirali.(read full review)

Reviewed 02 May 2009 by 4 star rating

It was really relaxing and we were treated like royalty. The food was really yummy, and so much of it! It was lovely swimming in the sea, Turkey is beautiful and smells of Jasmine and orange blossom in the spring. (read full review)

Reviewed 16 Apr 2009 by 4 star rating

Beautiful beach, very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, excellent food, a great place to simply go and enjoy being there. (read full review)

Reviewed 01 Jul 2009 by 3 star rating

Most memorable was being taken to a favourite restaurant by our taxi driver en route to the airport.(read full review)

Reviewed 11 Aug 2008 by 5 star rating

Every bit of the holiday was a delight. I will always remember sitting in the shady cushioned chairs, reading a book and dozing with a cute little kitten who had wandered in off the beach. (read full review)

Reviewed 02 Jun 2008 by 5 star rating

The landscape is stunning. Looking up at those incredible mountains from the beach was awe inspiring. I loved the beach itself with its outcrops of flowers and sea holly. (read full review)

Reviewed 27 Oct 2008 by 4 star rating

We had a wonderful holiday. It was so beautiful there, a garden/beach paradise with people to match.(read full review)

Reviewed 22 Oct 2008 by 4 star rating

We swam in the turquoise, clear waters, snorkelled, hiked, read and played hours of backgammon. Two of my children are teenagers and they thoroughly enjoyed the "kicked-back" attitude of the place. (read full review)

Reviewed 13 Oct 2008 by 4 star rating

Just relaxing and chilling out in a very uncommercialised environment was the most memorable part.(read full review)

Reviewed 08 Oct 2008 by 4 star rating

Most memorable was the tranquil and laid back nature of the hotel.(read full review)

Reviewed 08 Oct 2008 by 4 star rating

The whole week was so relaxing. It is the most idyllic place I have ever visited. Beautiful scenery, wild tortoises (!), roaming chickens, amazing beach, warm sea, delicious food and one cheeky black kitten.(read full review)

Reviewed 04 Sep 2008 by 4 star rating

We had the beach pretty much to ourselves, the bikes were always available and we used them often to go into the village for lunch. I loved that many of the tourists were 'locals' and there was not a coach to be seen.(read full review)

Reviewed 28 Jul 2008 by 4 star rating

Most memorable was seeing the baby turtles struggling down from their nests to the sea at dawn - absolutely amazing! (read full review)

Reviewed 29 Jun 2008 by 4 star rating

Most memorable were eating outside and looking at the fabulous views and swimming in the clear warm water.(read full review)

Reviewed 26 May 2008 by 4 star rating

The setting of the hotel and the friendliness of the people there was most memorable.(read full review)

Reviewed 03 Oct 2007 by 5 star rating

One particularly memorable experience would be getting up at the crack of dawn, taking pictures of the sun as it rose and being privileged to witness 4 baby turtles being helped out of their nest (as it was late season) and making a bid for freedom into the morning sea - amazing.(read full review)

Reviewed 28 Aug 2007 by 5 star rating

This holiday was booked because we all needed to relax and enjoy some sun. This holiday really delivered. The people were great, the location fantastic and my kids were really impressed that the sea was warm!(read full review)

Reviewed 17 Nov 2007 by 4 star rating

The setting is beautiful and peaceful, the huts are comfortable and the food was lovely but it was the amazing staff that made the holiday so special. (read full review)

Reviewed 01 Oct 2007 by 4 star rating

This is an excellent introduction to an unspoiled Turkey. We only really came across Turkish tourists apart from in Olympos which is clearly on the backpackers' route. It is 100% worthwhile going with this tour operator since they are dedicated to showing you the beauty and magic of the country - not just a place to sit in the sun. (read full review)

Reviewed 30 Sep 2007 by 4 star rating

I shall never forget the dawn swims to the rising sun in the warmest sea imaginable and the full-moonlight dinners to only natural bird or insect sounds. The wonderful aromas of jasmine at night and the array of orange, lime, avocado, olive and pomegranite trees all around plus all the exotic flowers(read full review)

Reviewed 18 Sep 2007 by 4 star rating

The holiday was wonderful. The location was incredible, and we spent several days not moving from the spot. When we did there were brilliant day trips out relatively nearby. We felt refreshed and energised by being in such a lovely place for 2 weeks. (read full review)

Reviewed 06 Aug 2007 by 4 star rating

I would recommend this holiday for anyone wanting to unwind and revitalise. Our party of 4 ranged in ages from 15 to 40 and we all enjoyed the holiday, I cannot think of and certainly have never visited a more perfect location for a beach holiday.(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Jul 2007 by 4 star rating

It was very good and just what we were looking for, 'a road less travelled’. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing beach based holiday with consistently good weather.(read full review)

Reviewed 04 Jul 2007 by 4 star rating

No stress, no worries, lovely food, lovely quiet and peace, lovely people, lovely weather, lovely everything. Wonderful, my lodger said I look like a plant that was withered before and has now been watered!(read full review)

Reviewed 11 Jun 2007 by 4 star rating

Wonderful, very relaxing and enjoyable, The children were asking when they could go again, which is always a good sign.(read full review)

Reviewed 06 Jun 2007 by 4 star rating

Totally laid back atmosphere with no time restrictions to get up for breakfast. Great accomodation, cleaned daily by a smiling and helpful staff. The boat trip with stops en route to local gems. (read full review)

Reviewed 24 Sep 2006 by 5 star rating

Our holiday to Turkey was definitely five stars, we had a superb time both in Istanbul and Cirali Beach. Lots of Thanks... We would like to thank Serkan the tour operator who we truly recommend, he was accessible via e-mails and phone and organized everything for us(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Jul 2006 by 5 star rating

I can also recommend Serkan at this operator for any trip to Turkey. Nothing was too much trouble and he answered our emails and queries so promptly. Five stars! We will definitely return.(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Jul 2006 by 5 star rating

We really did appreciate the magnificent surroundings, the unhurried atmosphere, and above all the very friendly attention by Akif and Nuri at the hotel. It has to be said that the dinners and breakfasts were two high points of each day - quite incomparable ! (read full review)

Reviewed 04 Jun 2006 by 5 star rating

Turning up in the middle of the night, getting out of the taxi - the smell of pine and oranges was astounding. Walking into the beach hut which had rose petals all over the bed, champagne and a simple spread of fruit, cheeses and salad. (read full review)

Reviewed 22 Jul 2006 by 4 star rating

Just a quick note to let you know what a fab time we all had at this hotel in Cirali, Turkey. Serkan who runs this operator was there to make sure that everything was to our satisfaction, organised and took our family and the other new arrivals on a day trip during the week. (read full review)

Reviewed 06 Jul 2006 by 4 star rating

We hade a wonderful stay at this hotel in Cirali. It offered a unique combination of nature (deserted turtle beach and mountain hiking trails directly at the doorstep), great food, friendly staff and romantic scenery. We will definitely book again via responsible travel and/or this operator. (read full review)
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