Tenerife eco self catering houses, Canary Islands



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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tenerife eco self catering houses, Canary Islands


ENERGY&BUILDINGS: We reduce our energy and find local renewable energy sources. The project has been conceived to achieve a ZERO CO2 Village and we think we have succeeded. In each house we have combined bioclimatic techniques so that the house needs as little energy as possible and have integrated renewable energy sources (solar panels) so that each house produces its own energy. The system is designed so that no single kWh is lost, the energy goes to a common network to make optimum use of the dual concept of production-consumption, so one house can compensate the needs of the other.

For domestic hot water supply, low temperature active solar power systems have been installed in each home, which use a solar power collector. These have been integrated into every single house and adapted to their different design.

The 24 houses constitute a living laboratory to determine which are the most efficient solutions applied to architecture and to disseminate information to raise awareness among specialists and the general public. The architects in general have given priority to local materials, such as volcanic stones and further to these many solutions are inspired in ancient local architecture.

WATER: We show we understand why water is too precious to waste and use water from the ocean.

A desalination plant using reverse osmosis and a purifying system supply the village’s needs for water consumption and irrigation via three distribution networks. For the most rational use of water, the taps in the houses have ventilators and water flow reducers; cisterns with discharge interruption or double push-buttons. There are also other examples of more unusual water saving systems such as a dry bath or double water flow systems, which means the water can be re-used for other purposes.


Friends & neighbours + Local crafts and culture: We know where to find all things local and we support/recommend our neighbours, spreading tourism income to those most in need

All our efforts are oriented to offer the visitor a different facet of Tenerife. Our island is known by an international public that normally has only a partial vision of the island, for package holiday tourism.

We want to show you a different Tenerife, one which will surprise and make you fall in love with it because of its authenticity.

Our visitors should feel that they have a good friend living on the island and due to this marvelous knowledge will see all the charming and beautiful spots: the most wonderful sunrises, the restaurant where the cooking is done following our grandparents' recipes, or the paths we most like to tread where we can take our family or friends when we really want to amaze them.

We care about what is happening in our land, the traditional events and fiestas, where you can try the best of wines or the sweetest honey, and if you are perhaps lucky you will find someone spontaneously playing the little Canarian guitar, or “timple” as it is known here.

Through us you will get in contact with the people of Tenerife, their music, their gastronomy, there way of enjoying life, calmly, taking its time for everything.

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