Sandviken lakeside cabin in Sweden

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sandviken lakeside cabin in Sweden


We offset the carbon footprint of the runnning of our cottage each year making it carbon neutral.

Wildlife - We have built a bird table out of wood from the forest to support birds during the winter (please feel free to offer additional treats at other times) and have added a nesting box in the garden so far used by a great tit and a fly catcher. The oak tree (rare this far north) supports a family of re squirels. One summer we had ducks nesting in our garden bushes.

Waste - We have set up a substancial recycling facility in the garden shed making it possible to re-cycle paper, card, hard plastic, soft plastic, glass, metal & batteries. Compstable and other burnable waste is collected communally.

Water - we have had an 80m well bored in the garden pumping in all our iceage water filtered through the rocks beneath our feet. No chlorine required and the water has been tested to ensure it is safe to drink. it is high in salts (left over from the iceage) and due to no unatural methods of preservation added we suggest it is not drunk if stored in a car for more than 36 hours for example.

Energy - The cottage is triple glazed and highly insulated making it very energy efficient. heating is electric, with our electricity supply coming from 100% renewable sources. The large south east facing windows also contribute to warming by the sun. We also have a super-efficient log burner - 4 logs will super heat the cottage for the evening, honestly.

Buildings - although the main cottage is painted in traditional Falu red paint the original log cabin still in the garden is 100 years old and is a converted potato store. This is waiting to be re-furbished.

Transport - If you need to hire a car, car rental companies in Sweden all offer lots of eco options fueled by ethanol and biodiesel.


Friends & neighbours - Our friends and neighbours Margita (employed) and Dennis offer a warm local welcome looking after the cottage preparing it for our guests. They are happy to answer any questions, giving local advice on places to visit and eat etc. They have lived locally all and most of their lives and both speak excellent English.

Local Crafts & Culture - We highly recommend guests visit Ockelbo Wilderness Gallery where Hans (artist) and Barbro know everything about local wildlife, plants and fungi with local produced wild meats, sausage, fruit conserves, jellies & juices available for sale on behalf of local producers. There is also a selection of local handicrafts and carpentry items available for sale, again on behalf of local craftsmen. Locally caught fish - smoked and pickled can be bought on the coast 50 minutes drive away and the worlds best fish restaurant is 40 minutes drive away - Whalstroms Fiske Krog - where they not only serve locally caught fish but also catch it. More details on local cultural attractions available on our website. The old local printing factory is now a preserved attraction and Årsunda Viking Museum, open through the summer, employs local people as staff and actors.

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