Canacona beach resort in South Goa, India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Canacona beach resort in South Goa, India


Through teamwork, commitment and enthusiasm management & staff of dwarka Eco Beach Resort
Abides by the Green Globe standards, laws, regulations and standards of Goa
Annually reviews its performance and improves year by year towards industry best practice levels
Wherever possible, purchases local products and services with minimal negative environmental impact
Reduces, Reuses, & Recycles throughout the property to prevent and control pollution while supporting the local merchants
Conducts continues research in renewable and sustainable energy sources
Reduces environmental impacts including energy and water-saving practices


We promise to support the local community by providing them jobs in our small resort.we also educate them and promise them jobs besides our own resort.we make them aware of the Ridley turtles and their conservation and its importance.we also hold meetings with local youth and elders on the importance of living a good and a spiritual life. we also have yoga classes at dwarka.we promise to save power whenever possible and also educate them about alternate power solar, wind, tidal etc.

We promise to:
Annually reviews its performance and improves year by year towards industry best practice levels
Gives preference to employing local people wherever possible
Takes on our social responsibility by educating its staff, guests, suppliers and community to build environmental awareness and action
we educate locals on the importance of organic farming.

A Child's Promise is their surrogate family and we put love and thought into our giving, ensuring the children that while they are being taught in an open air environment without floors or walls, they're not alone in their plight. We continue to seek funding for the completion of their learning facility.

We welcome and encourage individual and corporate sponsors to donate funds, school supplies, books, electronics, you name it, students will love and need it. It's an opportunity to get rid of excess stock by putting it to good use and donating funds to build a learning institution for a community of children in an undeveloped country.

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