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Thailand rainforest eco bungalows

Paksong village, close to Ranong city
From Baht 200 - Baht 1000 per accommodation per night
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Volunteers can stay for free in our dormitory. People who want to come and help the foundation as a guest, can choose to do a 'working' holiday. They receive a discount on the accomodation of 20%.
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1 review4 star rating
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Thailand rainforest eco bungalows

Description from the accommodation owner

Thailand rainforest eco bungalows: the story of this holiday company

TCDF Eco-Logic was set up in 2003 by 2 Dutch ladies, Rose and Ingrid. The guesthouse provides money to support all overhead costs of the Thai Child Development Foundation. A foundation set up to help underpriviliged children. Rose and Ingrid are full time committed to the foundation and the area and they like to share their passion and work within this field with all visitors and guests. On the premises are vegetable gardens, to grow fruit and vegetables for all people involved with the guesthouse and foundation. All activities are done by local people who generate an additional income.

Responsible tourism: Thailand rainforest eco bungalows


TCDF Eco-Logic will sustain the ecological gardens on the premises to provide all staff, students and visitors with healthy, own grown vegetables and fruits.
TCDF Eco-Logic has an ecological farm where fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish are kept to provide with food for all. The gardens are all maintained in an ecological way, no pesticides are used what so ever and we use plants to keep insects away from vegetables (permacultural principal). Volunteers, guests and visitors are very welcome to share all their knowledge and experience on ecological farming, growing vegetables, fruits and herbs with us. They can also perticipate actively in the work in the gardens.

TCDF Eco-Logic only buys fruit and vegetables from local farmers and small shops to help them generate an income.
All vegetables and fruit bought on markets and with local people are soaked in water for a period of time to get rid of any possible insecticide.
TCDF Eco-Logic serves good vegetarian food in the restaurant. For non-vegetarians we also serve meals with chicken and seafood. We do NOT serve meals with meat or pork.

TCDF Eco-Logic separates it's garbage, recycles as much of it as possible. Metal, glass, hard plastic can be sold localy and generates an income for the foundation. Paper is re-used and recycled in our Special School in our art-classes with the disabled children and with the local children on Saturdays. TCDF Eco-Logic informs the students of the Special School and local children about the benefits of recycling garbage and the need to preserve the nature.

TCDF Eco-Logic teaches local children about nature-awareness and the importance of protecting the forest and not throwing away garbage.
TCDF Eco-Logic refuses plastic bags in shops and local markets and motivates visitors, volunteers and students to do so too.
TCDF Eco-Logic has a compost system and uses food left-overs to feed the chicken.
TCDF Eco-Logic gives all visitors, guest and volunteers the opportunity to come and learn about eco-tourism and to join in the work and projects of the foundation.
Together with the Ton Nam National Park rangers and a local guide TCDF Eco-Logic organizes treks in the rainforest to inform people about the wildlife and nature.
TCDF Eco-Logic tries to replant as many indigenous trees where possible. The trees are obtained from Ton Nam National park.TCDF Eco-Logic has a biological waste water system for the accomodation and restaurant.
TCDF Eco-Logic recycles and re-uses material for maintenance and construction whenever possible.


TCDF Eco-Logic involves local people in activities in the area (trekking, bamboo rafting, cooking courses and so on) and pays them a fair wage for their activities.
TCDF Eco-Logic informs local people about respecting the nature and environment and how they can apply that in their work and activities for us.
TCDF Eco-Logic supports the Thai Child Development Foundation and all it's projects to make the life of under priviliged and sick children better. All visitors, guests and volunteers help us help the foundation, simply by being here, having a meal, stay in the accomodation or do an activity.

Guests, visitors and volunteers of TCDF Eco-Logic help the local community with their stay by doing an activity in the area with local guides.
We offer jobs only to local people and pay a fair wage to them.

We offer volunteer possibilities for international people to come and join us and help us help the foundation

In the Art Eco shop of TCDF Eco-Logic we sell art and products made by the students of the Special School, thus helping them to generate an income. Guests, visitors and volunteers can buy these products and help the foundation and the students in this way.
TCDF Eco-Logic will involve all visitors, guests and volunteers to integrate in the local life, culture an environment, by inviting them over to visit local events, schools or temples.

TCDF Eco-Logic provides workshops on Thai culture and language for all of you who is interested in Thailand and want to integrate with the people of this beautiful country more during your travels.

Together with local people, our students, volunteers, guests and visitors we clean up the area of rubbish and garbage, separate it and sell the recyclable garbage to generate income for the foundation.

TCDF Eco-Logic tried to improve the looks of the village and the area by planting flower trees and bushes all along the road towards us.
TCDF Eco-Logic helps to protect the rainforest by buying pieces of endangered forest from local farmers.
Together with the Ton Nam National Park rangers and a local guide TCDF Eco-Logic organizes treks in the rainforest to inform people about the wildlife and nature.
TCDF Eco-Logic tries to replant as many indigenous trees where possible. The trees are obtained from Ton Nam National park.

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Thailand rainforest eco bungalows

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5 stars
I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
4 stars
Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
3 stars
Very enjoyable
2 stars
It was OK
1 star
A bit disappointing really

Reviewed 15 Sep 2012 by Kate Birbilis4 star rating

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?

The most memorable part of my holiday was spending the day in the school. Seeing the kids' smiling faces while enjoying learning was awesome. It appears that the operator knows that every child has the ability and right to learn. They've created a space for these children to do just that and it is obviously the kids feel like it is "their" place. The teachers were equally inspiring and I learned a lot from observing them. They engaged the children and everyone had fun during my visit.
What tops it all off is the natural environment these kids get to learn in. They are smack in the middle of a forest with the sounds of a nearby river echoing in their ears all day long. The vocational programs the operator is starting that connect the students to their local community and environment are so encouraging. This operator is a true inspiration and they are what a school really should be like.

2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?

Transportation to and from here is a bit unreliable--so be flexible or book a taxi. If you want to book a room, I would recommend the one on the end. The view of the forest and river is just gorgeous. However, to be honest, I don't think there is a bad view in the place.

3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

All the money you spend staying here goes directly to the school and their programs. They are open about sharing information with their guests and you can see where the money is going. All the staff is local and it appears that work well with the community.

It is also clear that the operator works hard to conserve the local environment and help people connect with nature. Their whole existence is low-impact. I was impressed with their recycling methods. They also serve healthy, organic, natural, local food.

Did I mention that the whole point is to provide schooling and other programs to local children with special needs? I've never stayed in a place that has such a clear and immediate positive impact of the world. I would encourage fellow travellers to make the effort to visit this operation while in Thailand.

4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?

Amazing! I was so inspired by the operator because of what they are doing. The gorgeous environment, fun outdoor activities, excellent food, and neat rooms were just icing on the cake.
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