Nazareth hostel accommodation, Israel

Old City Nazareth
From ILS 90 - ILS 250 per accommodation per night
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Nazareth hostel accommodation, Israel

Description from the accommodation owner

Nazareth hostel accommodation, Israel: the story of this holiday company

I was born in Israel and that after backpacking around the world for a year I learned that tourism can be a great force that bridges between people from different cultures, religions and nationalities and in the same time contributes significantly to local communities. Also, I have witnessed how it can support local businesses, change an area’s image and empower and raise the self-esteem of the local people. Here at the Fauzi Azar Inn and the Jesus trail we are using existing infrastructure and local resources to encourage interaction between people and to create a shared interest between the different communities of the Galilee - Jewish, Christian & Muslims.

Responsible tourism: Nazareth hostel accommodation, Israel


Water and energy conservation. All water faucets at Fauzi Azar Inn are equipped with water conservation devices. All light bulbs are energy efficient and air conditioners are furnished with motion detection so the units shut off if no one is near. We encourage our guests to turn off the water during their showers and be mindful of the amount of water and energy they use. We believe conservation is “a family affair” - we all must work together to make a difference. To support this belief, we offer a 10% discount to all cyclists, and a hiking trail that directs travelers around the beautiful Galilee region by foot.

We use water from the taps instead of bottled water to encourage saving water and plastic waste. We use modern electric devices that turn off the air conditioning units automatically. All lights are energy saving bulbs. We encourage hiking to reduce petrol usages and provide very detailed information about public transportation as an alternative to renting cars. We recycle cans and glass bottles. We also encourage guests to conserve water during showers. With our volunteer program, volunteers are asked to stay at least six weeks, which cuts down on airfare and long distance travel.


Shopping locally for all our food and supplies. Everything from the fruits, vegetables, and olive oil used at breakfast, to our office supplies, cleaning supplies, bedding, wine, and souvenirs are purchased locally. (Local is defined as the closest seller available for a specific need.) We have found that most of these needs can be met from within the city itself.

Hiring Nazareth residents. Though we have a large amount of volunteers serving with us, their purpose is to assist the primary staff, not be a substitute for them. This way, we are able to employ the maximum number of locals possible, from the maintenance and cleaning staff to the head manager.

Increasing guest awareness. Our goal is for guests at the Fauzi to come into contact with every bit of Nazareth culture, life, food, and people. We have created a very detailed map of the city, freely available to all our guests. Upon arrival, we take the time to highlight restaurants, historical sites, spice shops, money exchange - even where to find a pita pizza or kataif (Ramadan pancake) year round!

Free city tour. Daily, we invite our guests to join us on a tour of the city, which starts with a history of the Inn itself, then winds through the streets of Nazareth, where guests not only see ancient architecture and historical sites, but meet the local owners of spice shops, coffee shops, and carpentry stores.

Extensive volunteer opportunities. Our volunteers are invited to extend their services beyond the doors of the Inn and find their place in the local community through helping at the hospitals, teaching English, or measuring out grain at a spice shop. The opportunities are vast and we encourage our volunteers to make the most of their stay with us by finding their own niche within the city.

Support other local accommodations. We believe the local businesses in the old city should work together and help each other succeed. We are pleased that the opening of the Fauzi Azar Inn in 2005 has since prompted other places of lodging to emerge inside the old city.

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Nazareth hostel accommodation, Israel

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