Rural self catering accommodation, La Gomera, Canary Islands

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rural self catering accommodation, La Gomera, Canary Islands


La Vega Rural is Accredited with The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (CETS). The Garajonay National Park was accredited by the European Federation of National Parks (EUROPARC) with the European Charter for Sustenaible Tourisme (ECST).

The companies that have joined the Charter of La Gomera(CETS) collaborate actively with Garajonay National Park and are commited with the stimulation of sustainable tourism in the island.

La Vega Rural offers our visitors, walking routes through different places of the island to discover its wonderful landscapes and contribute to their conservation.

La Vega Rural encourage our guests to recycle plastics, papers, glass and used oil. We have at our guests disposal 3 recycling bins to ensure environmental protection.

-Green bin: used for glass bottles without their plastic tops and liquid.
-Grey bin: used for the collection of domestic waste. E.g. fruit skin, wastes of food, etc.
-Yellow bin: used for metal (tins of food, soft drink cans), plastic (bottles of water, yoghurt or shampoo) and tetabrik cartoons.

We also have oil and batteries recycling bins.

We have committed ourselves to sustainable development for what we have recently installed energy-efficient electical appliances: A category washing machine and dryer.

We are concentrating our efforts on installing the most efficient devices to protect our environment.

*Thermal solar energy installation to produce sanitary hot water.
*A rainwater collection system to drip irrigation as this is the most efficient way to save lots of water.
*Heat pump as a a great way to offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners.

La Vega Rural owner restored the house in an attempt to preserve the place where he was born. That is why the house has been restored using the most local and natural materials as stone, wood or tile. The house has conserved the traditional canarian architecture as stone clay walls or the typical canarian patio surrounded by a canarian wooden porch.

We care for the environment as we would like to preserve the local heritage. Our surroundings are the beauty of our island.

La Vega Rural wants our island to still breathing.


La Vega Rural actively participates in the forum of the Charter in La Gomera to raise awareness among neighbors and visitors to preserve the Garajonay National Park. Garajonay covers an area of over 10% of the island of La Gomera. It was declared as such in 1981. Then, in 1986, Unesco included it among the assets which form part of the Heritage.

We collaborate with companies belonging to the European Charter advising our guests guided tours, restaurants and other services offered by local businesses.

La Vega Rural is 10 minutes from Valle Gran Rey where there are all those companies which organize all kind of activities promoting our island.

Some companies we collaborate with:

Garajonay Timah Trekking - Hiking or guided rutes to visit the almost untouched regions the island (Garajonay National Park). In small groups you get to know country and people, enjoy the local cooking and appreciate the excellent wine of the island. Excursiones Marνtimas Tina Tercera and Ocιano Gomera Guided maritime excursions ( e.g. watching dolphis, whales or trips along the natural monument “Los Σrganos”)

Each of our houses is provided with DVD's containing information about The Garajonay National Park. We want our guests to learn about the beauty of our island and we want them to explore it.

La Vega Rural wants to promote local development and that is the reason why we hire only local people. The fact that our house has been restored by local people and that the owner is also local from La Gomera guarantees our commitment to be real.

We present our guests with a welcome basket containing typical products from La Gomera. We offer them a jar of ecological honey produced in a local farm of Hermigua (north island), traditionally handmade cookies and wine also produced in the island.

For those interested in buying some more honey:
Local honey company: El tabaibal Miel de La Gomera -Owner: Mr. Kiko Herrera.

We are restoring an old stone canarian oven for our guests to enjoy it. In La Gomera almost all typical dishes are made in a stone oven and that is the reason why we want to keep the tradition alive.

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