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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cayman Brac beach accommodation


Brac Caribbean Beach Village continues in its support of preserving the wildlife and doing our part to keeping our part of paradise clean. Cayman Brac is a major stop over for hundreds of migrating birds species. Our endangered Cayman Brac Green Parrot are making a come back since the Cayman Islands Government has now protected their habitat on the bluff. Seeing the elusive Green Rock Iguana is a special treat for those out on the roads as the sun goes down. Heating themselves on the pavement because they are cold blooded is a sight to be hold. Prehistoric looking creatures, but if startled run very fast back into the bush. As you near the habitat area for the Iguanas you will see signs along the road stating that they have the right away. Please be careful driving when you visit our island all of our wildlife is important to us for the future of our children.

Our drinking water is safe to drink. The Cayman Islands Water Authority pipes it in from their desalinazation plant. A reverse osmosis system is used to remove salt from the sea water to make it safe to consume.


Meal time is anytime and any where you choose. At the condo, by the bar, in the dining area, or at any of the other restaurants located on our island. From the east to the west you have a wide variety of foods to choose from. Buying from our local agriculture centre when fruits and vegetables are in season, and buying fresh fish from local fishermen are just a couple of the ways we can support our community. Visiting the Cayman Brac Museum in Stake Bay and then on to the Heritage House in Spot Bay you get a real view of what island life was about long ago and how far the Caymanians have grown to appreciate the laid back lifestyle only found on Cayman Brac. While you explore don't forget to find out what "wompers" were, and how they were made.

We are members of the Sister Island Tourism Association and work together with the other properties and business on Cayman Brac to bring in guests from all over the world. By hosting speical events we stay connected with the residents and our guests at the same time. Fishing tournaments held in April and May cause a lot of excitement down on our dock when the tournament anglers bring in their catches for weighing and the competition is exciting. Along with that we also support an island wide cooking competition during the year, local and professional chefs compete in several different categories. Sampler tickets are for sale so others can have a taste of the entrants food. Swimming events for youth groups and other family friendly events are held throughout the year. We would love for you to be our guests!! And experience Cayman Brac!!

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