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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen hotel in Denmark


Hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is the first hotel in Copenhagen that delivers an unparalleled experience of international class, while ensuring that we choose the most sustainable environmental and social solutions for our hotel. We are also very proud to have received several acknowledgements for our work with sustainability, which includes the EcoTourism Award as The World’s Greenest Hotel, from Skål International, the world’s largest tourism and travel organisation.

Our environmental responsibility includes the implementation of several innovative solutions:
• We reside in Denmark’s first carbon-neutral hotel building
• We are the only Danish hotel to meet the requirements for a Danish Low Energy Class II building & EU standards for Green Building
• We have installed Denmark’s largest privately owned, building-integrated Solar Panel Park.
• We have built the first ever groundwater-based cooling and heating system in Denmark, which reduces the energy consumption used to cool and heat the building by up to 90%.
• We have Variable Air Volume (VAV) valves in all rooms of the hotel to electronically regulate the amount of air in each individual room according to need and the number of guests
• We have intelligent light management in all hotel corridors & Low energy light sources
• We save water everywhere ( e.g. aerator-faucets and energy efficient dishwashers)
• All food waste in the hotel is ground and sucked into a 1000 litres big tank in the basement. This tank is then later emptied and freighted to a bio-gas plant. The remains from this process are used to fertilize farm land.
• In our rooms, guests literally get to feel the green profile of the hotel. Here, everything from the shampoo bottle to the tooth brush is made of corn and potato starch. The revolutionary, organic material looks and feels like plastic, but is both recyclable and biodegradable. If you bury the products in a flower pot they will dissolve after three months leaving no pollution. And of course the products contain no parabenes or allergenic substances.
• The hotel information folder and similar printed products have been done away with. All information to the hotel guests are now delivered electronically in an interactive TV screen information system that is very similar to web pages and is therefore intuitive.
• As far as possible, we prioritize buying organic, local and seasonal ingredients for our Nordic dishes. We also aim at retrieving our raw materials within a radius of 300 km, wherever possible. In addition, we always try to minimize our supplier-deliveries to as few times a week as possible.
• When selecting our wines, we calculate CO2 emissions and prioritize wine-producing countries and regions, which make use of the most environmentally friendly forms of production and transportation.
• And many more…


Since the opening of Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, our hotel has been dedicated to creating positive social change in our local community. Though charitable donations and supporting local sports teams we believe we are able to create a positive impact in our local community. Nevertheless, we believe that creating positive social change in our local community starts in the heart of our hotel. This is why we place special focus on providing jobs and internships for members of the community who face added obstacles in finding employment. In collaboration with local municipalities and projects, we recruit candidates with social disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as candidates with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. In addition, our sustainable food strategy states that we aim at using local suppliers within a radius of 300 kilometres, to retrieve our preferentially organic raw materials, in order to support local businesses. Through these and many other initiatives, we are able to contribute to building an economical and socially sustainable local community.

CSR Certification - DS 49001
We are presently reaching for new heights within sustainability, by being the first hotel to implement the new Danish Standard for Social Responsibility – DS 49001. This certified standard is based on the international guidelines for social responsibility and will upon completion document that Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers meets a range of strict requirements in the following fields: Organizational Governance, Human Rights, Labour Practices, The Environment, Fair Operational Practices, Consumer Issues, Community Involvement & Development.

We hope that these commitments give our guests, customers and other stakeholders full confidence that the service and products we provide are based on solid principles of social, environmental and economic responsibility

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