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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Copenhagen waterfront Admiral hotel


As a guest at Copenhagen Admiral Hotel you are environmentally friendly so you can enjoy your stay with a clean conscience. Our hotel has the Eco-labeled Green Key, because we make an extra effort to protect the environment. Below you can see a list of things we do to protect the environment.

• We use water submeters to measure water consumption separately for hotel and kitchen areas, the areas being subdivided into sections.
We measure water consumption for dish washers separately and compare results week by week.
• Rooms are fitted with low-flow toilets.
• Toilets in common guest areas are equipped with high/low flows.
• Water-saving shower roses and tap aerators are fitted in rooms and in restrooms in the common guest areas.

• Lights are automatically turned on and off in all rooms via keycards and in meeting rooms ABC by means of movement sensors.
• All common guest areas and outdoor areas are equipped with dimmable light, night dimming units and timer control.
• Where possible, fixtures are fitted with energy-friendly light sources.
• The lobby bar and reception are fitted out with LED lighting.

• Heating facility, pumps, etc. are BMS controlled.
• The hotel is fitted with low-energy windows, which are regularly replaced with the latest low-energy models.

• We separate cardboard (cardboard press).
• We collect paper in separate paper containers that are collected for reuse.
• We separate bottles and waste glass for later collection.
• We collect organic waste in separate containers.
• We separate iron and metal waste for delivery at recycling centre.
• We collect batteries, electronic scrap and light sources in special containers for delivery at recycling centre.

• We primarily use organic dairy produce: milk, yoghurt, butter.
• Muesli and oatmeal cereals are organic.
• We are striving to minimise the volume of disposable packaging related to breakfast products.

• The hotel has 264 non-smoking rooms.
• Our linen supplier, Berendsen, has been approved for the Swan label.
• Our cleaners, ISS, use environment-friendly cleaning agents, most of them carrying the Swan label.
• Our brand of toilet paper is Swan labelled.
• We have put up notices in bathrooms, urging our guests to limit towel change to protect the environment.
• Duvets and pillows are allergy-friendly.
• Our wooden TripTrap furniture is made from solid teak from non-threatened rainforests.

• For weed control, we use gas burners (we never use herbicides).
• We collect garden waste and deliver it for composting at the recycling centre.

• We purchase energy-friendly household appliances and office equipment.
• We reuse copy paper as note paper.
• We rent bicycles to our guests. We also provide information on public transport.
• We have launched a number of measures aimed at our staff.
• We have an active health and safety group.


Copenhagen Admiral Hotel was founded in 1978, but is housed in a listed building that has received the Europa Nostra Diploma for heritage preservation was completed in 1787.

In 1978, the project to restore the old building and making it a unique hotel received a diploma from Europa Nostra, an international organisation working to protect Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. Europa Nostra cited as its motivation for giving us the diploma: ‘this is a project that greatly contributes to the protection and enhancement of European architecture’.

At Copenhagen Admiral Hotel we understand that our business can have a positive effect on our local community. We believe that we are doing this by supporting our local businesses, and through our chartitable donations. We do not operate on a commision based system with any businesses. Rather, we support resturants, cafes, shops, attractions and museaums that we feel are suitable for the indivudual guest and their needs. Furthermore, the head chef at our restaurant SALT, always tries to select the produces they use in the SALT kitchen from the local area. This is to reduce the CO2 level and of course to support the local community.responsible for both the environment and the climate through different methods and concepts of cleaning.

At Copenhagen Admiral Hotel we are proud of our Danish culture and design. That is why our hotel has been decorated and furnished with iconic Danish desing, such as: Peter Brandes, Mogens Andersen and TripTrap.

Copenhagen is known as 'The City of Bikes' and in recent years, large investments have been made in keeping Copenhagen as bicycle-friendly as possible. Cycling paths can be found along most major streets and cycling routes are marked, leading through some of the green and scenic parts of the city. So at Copenhagen Admiral Hotel guest can rent bicycles and while in Copenhagen, get around the Danish way.

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