Rold Skov resort hotel, Denmark

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rold Skov resort hotel, Denmark


Rold StorKro has "the Green Key". This means that we abide by a number of environmental regulations, one being at least 15 percent of raw materials must be organic.

To save on transport pollution, we try as much as possible to use local produce. We also source water from our own spring, and serve it in re-useable bottles; this means much less use of packaging. We sort our waste, so it can be recycled most effectively.

We choose suppliers that match our environmental values. Our linen provider is chosen for the gentle and environmentally friendly way that our linen is laundered. We use cleaning products that are eco-labelled and kind to the environment.

We are always trying to find new ways to save on energy for the sake of the environment. Our energy levels are often controlled to guard against unnecessary waste, and our roof has solar panels to further reduce our use of oil and electricity. We use energy-saving light bulbs and work continually to save on use of water.


We are very aware of our role in the local community. We cooperate with many local small businesses and tourist attractions, to spread the word about our local area. Our professional staff have knowledge of the local area, so they quickly and with ease can show our guests the area or attractions they require. We often arrange trips and guided tours of the local forest, lakes, museums and the nearby towns.

We work hard to promote local history, which include stories of local historic characters, how the forest has changed throughout the years, visits from royalty and other prominent guests, secret cold war bunkers and more.

We sustain jobs and cultural diversity by employing local people and also exhibiting and selling items made by local artists, sculptors etc. We buy much of our food produce locally.

We promote charities on our website, most recently the Danish "cancer research" charity.

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