Hotel Opera, Copenhagen

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Hotel Opera, Copenhagen


As part of the Arp-Hansen Hotels, Hotel Opera is certified by Green Key. Green Key is the guest's guarantee of having chosen a hotel which has a policy of looking after the environment.

Keeping in mind our aim to provide guest experiences with a high level of comfort, we wish to maintain and extend our environmental efforts by:

Reducing our waste and waste substances as well as bringing down our consumption of energy and water where feasible.
Using goods which have the lowest possible strain on the environment
Demanding that our suppliers provide services and products which fulfil the requirements of Green Key.
Assisting our guests in finding healthy and green activities during their stay at our hotels.
Dealing with environmental issues and set environmental targets in an open and positive dialogue with customers, employees, authorities, suppliers, organisations and other interested parties.

Besides complying with Arp-Hansen's environmental policy and the Green Key initiatives, we at Hotel Opera also create a host of other environmental initiatives.
We have bicycles that our guests can hire.
We have a great knowledge of our surrounding community and recommend local restaurants and shops.
We are particularly helpful when it comes to helping our guests to find their way around on public transport and to locate running tracks in the area.
All of our cleaning products and soap/shampoo are environmentally labelled.
Our linen is washed at an environmentally labelled laundry.
Our restaurant is 100% smoke-free.
95% of all our rooms are no smoking.
All taps in our rooms are fitted with water saving devices. The guests experience a soft and pleasant flow of water, but use around half the water that normally comes out of the taps.
We now use electronic fax reception and correspondence archiving rather than paper archiving.
All our paper and brochure material is environmentally labelled.
Every time we change a light bulb, we replace it with a low energy bulb (where possible).
At least 5% of the ingredients we use in our foods are organic.
Hotel Opera support and supplies the wildlife foundation WWF.
We have several different systems that respond to the environment when it comes to waste management.
We purchase energy-efficient industrial machines Consumption of water and electricity are at all time energy-labeled
The Arp-Hansen Hotel Group always makes demands on suppliers packaging
All packaging has to be recyclable and large amounts of packaging have to be delivered in recyclable containers.
Water aerators are installed in all faucets to reduce the water consumption, and urinals are without water
Replacement of light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs continuously replacement
We have installed movement censors and slumber sensors to save on energy, as well as having the electricity activated by the room key.
The furnishing of Hotel Opera has been done with for the original condition in mind the original style of the house.


At Hotel opera we understand that we have a social responsibility to our local community and we have therefore implemented several strategies in an attempt to increase the positive benefits to our communities, such as:

We have made agreements with local attractions, water taxies, guided tours, ect.
Our receptionists are in charge of recommendations and will add their own personal touch to any recommendations they make.
We participate and support local initiatives and environmental campaigns.
We support our local institutions with supplies, such as: replacements of duvets/pillows
We give our food left-overs to local hostels and charities
We keep to the industry association agreement and respects rules and laws which protect our employees. We respect minimum salary in relation to association agreement.
We work with Wonderful Copenhagen and VisitDenmark to retain good relations with our local community and our guests.

It is our hope that by making these commitments, we can give our guests, customers and other stakeholders full confidence in the service and products we provide, and that they are based on solid principles of social, environmental and economic responsibility.

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