Oro Island accommodation, Denmark

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Oro Island accommodation, Denmark


On the island Orø in the Isefjord north of Holbæk there is at Langdal 5 a herbgarden with the name URTEHAVEN på ORØ. At Langdal 5 it is very importent for me to inform about the nature on Orø.

The herbgarden is almost an oasis to the birds and insects, because there are so many different and special plants. In the herbgarden the visitors can read about the plants,of wich there are about 600 different plants, listed in the two books from the garden. The titels are: Orø Urtehaves Pharmacopé and Urter til husapoteket. In the last book the guests can read about the names and specifications of the herbs, but also the medical use of the plants. These informations are combined in a new way, giving very easy informations about both plants and our use of them. Many of the plants are historically used to different medical treatments. But some of the herbs might also be used in the danish language called "snaps", which is a strong liqueur with the caracteristical taste from the herb. The guests might get information about the use of the plants for this purpose, also the timescale.

There is also a audioguide around the island, and here the guests easily can get many informations about history, buildings, landscape, nature , birds and flora. Another attaction are the paths called "trampestier" almost going around the whole island are really worth to experience. Orø gives great opportunity to rent a bike and take a tour around the small roads, and there is a good informative map showing the different routes. The map is an exellent introduction to the island Orø.


We sustain local activity on all levels and are active in several connections with cultural attractions, such as the very small Orø museum and the historical farm buildings Hestebedgård both in the village Bybjerg. Bybjerg is placed in the middel of the island. Hestebedgård are some old buildings, given as a gift from the old owner to the local community, and a group of people, mostly pensioners, are working together with the renewing and rebuilding the buildings. The idea is to create a place a kind of a center for the inhabitants of Orø where historical and cultural activities can develope. Hestebedgård has only existed a few years, but is already a well known institution.

On Orø in the cottage Bybjerg there also is a little white church. It is really a traditional danish church, white and with read tiled roof. The church is opened to visitors in periods not used to the normal activities.

In the middel of Bybjerg there is a small tourist office. Here further information about the island is available. The Orø office can also help tourists with renting bikes and there is a little post office there.

Our friends at Marlieses Gårdcafé, neighbour to Langdal 5, is creating possibilities to by ecologycal products, such as ecological wine and coffee. The ecological cakes made by the owner herself are famous. We can really recomend our guests to try them. In the greenhouse guests can find information about Marlieses Gårdcafé.

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