Jutland farmstay accommodation, Denmark



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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Jutland farmstay accommodation, Denmark


We keep the place in a natural way and encourage our guest to do so to. For our guests there is a small path through the forrest and a small mash which leads down to a beautiful peaceful brook.

If you enjoy going for longer walks, a good run, - or go on bike tours, a nice bicycle path goes past our place which our guests can use. The bicycle path used to be a railway track and it is a great and safe way to explore the surrounding area and wildlife. Every way you go you'll be in a peaceful pure nature, with the opportunity to se a lot of wild animals and birds, as well as our own animals, which you are sure to see. There are quite a few small lakes around in the neighbourhood, because in earlier days a lot of peat used to be cut in this area.

We use the lawn-cut for feeding our animals and the manure is used as fertilizer in our garden. Our animals are outside around the place, and we have a big lawn surrounding the buildings.

Our central heating comes from a combined kettle, which today uses wood from our own forrest. ON our previous farm we had heat from the soil, a milking system, and used a willow purification system. At the moment we are planning to implement these things here. We are always debating how we can improve in a sustainable way. We try to keep the buildings in a farm-like way, and reuse everything we can.

We used to run an ecological dairyfarm before settling down here. We both have a university degree in agriculture, an have been working as agricultural teachers and consultants in farming. The age of retirement is getting closer, but the principles of living a sustainable life is in an every-day rule for us.

Guests are welcome all over the place - nothing it off limits. Please find you way around our beutiful propety, and most of all enjoy the outdoor life!


We live in the countryside near a small village with a very close community. Everybody is welcome to visit us, our animals and the coffee shop.

We help run the local sports hall and 'multi-house', both built and run by the village-inhabitant. When the sports hall is rented out, we provide the accomodation for any overnight stays. I am on the committee which runs the facilities, and Bent and I are on a cleaning team which is responsible for cleaning the facilities. Bent looks after the external environment, belonging to the sportshall and multi-house.

All the work we have done on our farm is done by local workmen.

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