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Luxury spa accommodation in Hawaii

Kapa'ua, Hawaii Island, Hawaii
From US $195 - US $500 per accommodation per night
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Luxury spa accommodation in Hawaii

Description from the accommodation owner

Luxury spa accommodation in Hawaii: the story of this holiday company

After several days of fasting in the valley below, I hiked up here to offer thanks to the ancestors of the land for their gifts and knowledge. There on the bluff I created a healing circle, sat down, and began my prayers. Then I heard the pueo (Hawaiian owl) flying over me. It was huge and it circled close around my head three times. Then I heard a strong voice saying: ‘It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for you. The voice told me that I was doing what I was supposed to do: bring people here for healing. I just needed to create a place for healing, and that the land will do the rest.

Responsible tourism: Luxury spa accommodation in Hawaii


•We produce our own electricity through solar cells (photovoltaic panels) situated on the roof of our energy building. We have added a windmill that feeds into our energy panel as an additional power source. Hawaii Island Retreat is a working example that luxurious living and living in balance with the earth, is a compatible and realistic goal.
•The retreat is designed to use natural lighting during the day and full-spectrum compact fluorescents for night.
•The sparkling garden pools surrounding the retreat serve as catchments for rainwater from the rooftop of the hotel. These conservation measures were incorporated in the design, so that the rain may also be used for the irrigation of our gardens.
•Some of the ways we encourage water conservation is with low-water use toilets, special showers, and conscientious use of water throughout the retreat.
•Guest rooms are cleaned daily, however linens are changed every fourth day unless requested by the guest to minimize daily laundry use and consumption of water, electricity, and propane gas
•Much of the flooring throughout the retreat is Tiger wood, a farmed sustainable hardwood that does not impact native forests.
•Our 50 acre Hawaiian sanctuary has abundant organic vegetable gardens and tropical fruit trees. We grow much of the food used in our kitchen in these gardens. In addition we provide gardening and cooking classes so that guests may learn simple and effective ways to grow and prepare their own foods. In this way we encourage our guests to continue these methods of sustainable living in their own homes
•All organic waste is recycled back into the soil through an active system of composting. All bottles, glass, cans, plastic, paper, and cardboard are recycled
•Disposable products without harmful chemicals, dyes, or perfumes are selected for our use. We then recycle shredded paper as mulch on garden paths and banana orchards, thus composting these materials and returning them to the earth as rich healthy soil. All disposable plates, cups, and flatware are compostable.
•The retreat was designed to take advantage of our Kohala breezes. Cross-ventilation and ceiling fans eliminate the need for air conditioning while keeping guest rooms warm when the air outside is cool, and cool when temperatures are warm
•Each of our inviting rooms is provided with reusable water bottles. Fresh filtered drinking water is provided on a daily basis to each of our guests rooms. Large dispenser of filtered drinking water is also available at all times in the dining room.
•Rooms are supplied with organic shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand lotion and liquid hand soap in refillable dispensers thus eliminating single serving containers.
•In our continuous effort to minimize waste we avoid buying plastic and glass containers intended for individual servings. One of the ways we are able to accomplish this is by creating exotic tropical juices from fruits that have been organically grown in our lush orchards and gardens.
•Each room is supplied with educational information that encourages each guest to do their part in assisting us with our ongoing efforts to remain both sustainable as well as self sufficient. This information covers choices for laundering towels and sheets as well as various recycling measures. We actively participate in recycling and Recycling bins for guest use are available throughout the retreat
•Each individual that leaves our retreat goes home with a sense of peacefulness and a new understanding that living lightly on the earth is not only an attainable goal. It is also an achievable reality.
•Solar powered flashlights are provided for guest use.


Hawaii Island Retreat has a deep sense of responsibility for and to the community. In lieu of a grand opening party, the retreat has hosted a number of community fundraising events for groups such as Kohala Hospital Charitable Foundation and the Kohala Library,that support the local community.

Whenever possible the retreat purchases goods and services from local vendors over less expensive mainland or foreign options. The Spa is also open to the community to enjoy at discounted rates.

The Retreat, in addition to being a vacation destination, is a place of educating visitors on the benefits and practical application of sustainable practices as well as healthy food choices. We offer gardening and cooking classes to our guests. The location of the retreat is rich in local history and our complementary nature walks share Hawaiian history and traditional healing practices. We are also planting gardens that feature indigenous healing plants.

Our expansive spa menu honors Hawaiian and other traditional healing practices. Massage, Yoga, meditation, healthy eating, responsible living, and spiritual devotion are just a few of the methods utilized to promote a healthy way of life. These services are available to the community at discounted rates.

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Luxury spa accommodation in Hawaii

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