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best in a marine environmentAn organisation related to a beach or other marine environment, such as turtle conservation or a marine eco-tourism trip.

Winner: Moonraker Dolphin Swims, Australia
Moonraker Dolphin Swims offer the opportunity to swim with wild Burranan Dolphins and Australian Fur Seals, whilst taking steps to ensure the dolphins do not become habituated and remain truly wild. Port Philip Bay in Victoria is one of Australia's last remaining homes for this genetically unique family of dolphins.

The judges were impressed by their contribution to monitoring the populations and their health, and their strict interaction rules.

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Highly commended:
blue o two, UK

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Previous winners

Winner: Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development, Belize
"The Judges were impressed by this organisation's campaign for locally owned tourism development in the face of planned cruise tourism in the Placencia Peninsula of Belize. After uniting the community to preserve the authenticity of the Peninsula, they have continued to promote collaboration between local tourism organisations and the village council to proactively develop sustainable tourism."

Highly commended:
Coral Cay Conservation, Cambodia
Maple Leaf Adventures, Canada

Winner: Matava, Fiji
"Matava is a beacon for responsible tourism and an example to other dive sites. They maintain a strong commitment to both the conservation of the marine environment and the development of the local Fijian community. All staff and dive guides are from local villages, they have signed an agreement with local villages designating three established marine reserves as 100% no-take zones, across large geographic areas, and even succeeded in getting marine conservation on to the Fijian National Curriculum."

Highly commended:
Coral Cay Conservation, UK


Winner: Whale Watch Kaikoura, New Zealand
This 100 per cent Maori-owned whale watching operator has demonstrated the ability, at scale – they carry an impressive 90,000-100,000 passengers per year- to offer a very high quality whale watching experience from energy-efficient craft which have a very low impact on the marine environment, and provide ground breaking interpretation which enables passengers to understand what is happening below them. They are the largest financial contributor to the Department of Conservation’s research on the effects of marine mammal watching in Kaikoura, and demonstrate that marine tourism development can go hand in hand with the careful progress of marine conservancy.

Highly commended:
Blue Ventures, UK
Misool Eco Dive Resort and Conservation Centre, Indonesia
Camel Dive Club and Hotel, Egypt

Winner: Ecoventura, Ecuador
For contributing scholarships for education, and developing micro-business for local women, converting a fishing boat into a restaurant and boutique providing alternative livelihoods for the wives of fishermen. Ecoventura was also among the first cruise operators to be independently environmentally audited.

Highly commended:
blue o two, UK/Egypt
Scottish Seabird Centre, UK

Winner: blue o two
For developing a new business approach to diving in the Red Sea, in a highly competitive price-driven market demonstrating that responsible diving is possible for a mainstream business and establishing a way of doing business which is causing their competitors to become more responsible.

Highly commended:
Blue Ventures, UK

Winner: Wakatobi Dive Resort, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
Wakatobi's raison d’etre is to help the environment in an over-fished region where the reefs are being destroyed. Employing 150 people from the local community, they have created the Collaborative Community Based Reef Management Program whereby in exchange for direct payments to local villages, reef sanctuaries have been established. Today 12km of reef enjoys complete protection by the local community.

Highly commended:
Basata Ecolodge, Egypt
Dyer Island Cruises, Western Cape, South Africa

Winner: The Venus Company
A leading beach cafe and shop operator. They have won this category by living up to their mission to be the greenest beach cafe and shop operator in Europe.

Highly commended:
Ionian Eco Villagers, Zakynthos Greece

Winner: Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd
Chumbe Island, near Zanzibar has funded a number of outstanding conservation and social programmes from tourism revenues.

Highly Commended:
Blue Ventures, UK