Staff group in our Brighton office
Staff group in our Brighton office.

About us

At Responsible Travel we’re here to connect the world’s best small holiday companies with travellers looking for more from their holiday than just a brief stay.

We started with just two tour operators in 2001 - but since then, many more have approached us and we now offer holidays (either personal or in a small group) from over 375 small and specialist tour companies in 190+ countries. Since we began we have helped over 100,000 people find their ideal holiday.

In our experience, small holiday companies are run by interesting people who founded them out of a deep love for destinations, cultures, landscapes and wildlife. Consequently they offer a far richer experience than those offered by multinational package companies or hotel booking sites simply because they are based on a knowledge, expertise and passion for people and places that is then infused into every itinerary and experience.

Our idea is really quite simple: treat local people and places well, and they’ll often offer you experiences and insights into their ways of life that you wouldn’t otherwise get. You enjoy a more authentic experience and they benefit from jobs, income and ways to preserve their culture, environments and heritage. This is how we think tourism should be, and we call it Responsible Travel.

And finally, you can rest assured your money is 100% protected through our Buyer Protection scheme.

Give us a call or email us, and let us help you find a holiday.

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