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Lonely Planet
Give a disadvantaged child the chance to visit an incredible place near their home which they may never have seen before. Read about our Trip for a Trip scheme.
Trip for a Trip
10 Pounds
10 Pounds

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Win a holiday
A chance to win a week’s holiday walking in Spain
Our walking specialist, Ibex Trex Walking Holidays is offering a lucky winner a space on the 30th September 2017 departure. Walk from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the tranquil valleys of the Las Alpujarras. A perfect way to grab the last bit of sun in 2017 walking amongst stunning white washed villages and countryside. Read about this holiday.
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Want more adventures to do and not just dream about? We would be delighted to help, so much so, that there's £100 off if you spend over £750 on your next holiday, or £50 off any* holiday below that!
We've kept the *small print, urm, small. Please take a moment to look it over and if you have any questions we're more than happy to answer these for you.
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  • Discounted travel insurance, with built-in charity donation
  • Taking a stand: your booking shows the tourism industry that you care about the impact of your holiday

Previous holiday winners: Some of the people who've won our holiday prize draw have written reviews about their experiences:

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