Children from Mlindazwe Neighbourhood Care Point (NCP)
Children from Mlindazwe Neighbourhood Care Point (NCP).

Trip for a trip

Imagine if your holiday could pave the way for an under privileged child to take a trip somewhere too...if your travels could pass on to a child the chance to see something of their home country they may never have seen before and to marvel at the very same sights that you as a visitor have travelled across the world to see.

Our Trip for a Trip programme aims to do just that. Every time you buy a Responsible Travel holiday, if you wish, then we will fund a day trip for a disadvantaged child from a developing country to visit or experience something totally new. Their experience gives them the chance to appreciate the wider value their culture or ecosystem has and, you never know, hopefully they will grow up more likely to want to preserve it.

We hope the travel industry will join this movement and that together we can help 1 million children travel by 2020. That is our dream.

Read more about our Trip For A Trip programme.

Michael Palin, December 2016:
Trip for a Trip sounds an excellent idea. My appetite for travel began with day trips, so I know how much they can mean to a child. Good luck and thanks to all who can make this happen.
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