Vouchers: Information for members

Responsible Travel holiday vouchers can be redeemed against any trip or accommodation if you have not opted out of this option.

Types of vouchers
There are three main types of vouchers:

1. Vouchers

  • Customers won't have to spend a minimum amount to use these vouchers. In general these vouchers will have been bought directly from us, and they will have received a special e-voucher and code. (Please note these vouchers are usually of higher value and are less common).

    2. Discount vouchers

  • We offer some discount vouchers as part of various marketing promotions - e.g. 20 off (no minimum spend), 100 off (minimum spend 1000). In these cases customers will have a voucher code. These might be subject to terms and conditions such as an expiry date.

    3. Gift List vouchers

  • We offer a Honeymoon Gift List service where family and friends can pay towards a couples honeymoon. We will issue the couple with one voucher when they close their account. These amounts tend to be of a higher value and the money can be transferred from us directly to you as part payment. Please note the vouchers cannot be used as deposits.

    How does it work?

    1. The customer may let you know they have a voucher in the initial enquiry.

    2. If the customer tells you at a later stage they have a voucher code this can be entered into the booking on the Extranet by ticking the voucher box and entering the code. (Contact your account manager if you need help with this).

    3. The voucher code must be entered into the booking in order for the voucher to be flagged so that it can be administered. Without the voucher code we will be unable to refund you the voucher value.

    4. Declare the booking on the Extranet as usual with the full booking value and enter the voucher code. Please ensure you do not deduct the voucher value from the booking value you enter into the system.

    5. The amount the voucher is worth will appear on the booking in the Extranet once it has been saved. If the voucher is a discount voucher (these will have DV in the code) please make sure the customer's voucher is meeting its terms and conditions (minimum spend and expiry date). Vouchers that do not meet these conditions will be rejected by the system and thus are not valid.

    6. You then simply deduct the voucher value from the customer's final balance when collecting your payment from them. Vouchers can only be used for final payments on holidays, not deposits.

    7. Approx. 6-8 weeks before departure date you will be reimbursed the voucher value by us sending you a credit note or payment (depending on the amount of the voucher).

    8. Only one voucher can be used per booking.

  • Please note that we have automatically opted you in to the voucher scheme. If you want to opt out please email your account manager
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