Texas small group holiday, America

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2014: 27 Sep, 9 Oct
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2016: 30 Apr, 24 Sep, 5 Oct
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Texas small group holiday, America

Responsible travel: Texas small group holiday, America

We are committed to offering low impact tours that benefit both the places and communities we visit as well as our travellers. It is important for us all to be aware of the delicate balance that exists in the variety of natural wonders you will visit. National Parks and monuments, archaeological sites and other sensitive areas should and must be treated with respect.

We have created a 'Travellers' Code of Conduct' to help prepare and inform our groups of the various positive or negative effects they could have on a destination. The code includes tips on everything from handling wildlife encounters to how you can help to conserve precious natural resources. Our tour leaders will explain this code of conduct during the first night’s orientation talk and encourage you to follow it throughout the tour.

This code includes following the ‘Leave No Trace’ ethic, this is an international campaign that is designed to help us minimise the impact on the National Parks and other wilderness areas that we visit. Some key guidelines we follow include keeping to existing trails, staying in official campgrounds and disposing of all waste responsibly and recycling whatever we can.

We are proud supporters of the American Hiking Society, which champions conservation issues in the United States and represents millions of hikers committed to preserving America’s vast network of hiking trails and their surrounding ecosystems.

Whenever possible, we use local accommodation and activity providers. We also shop locally for groceries, eat in small family-run restaurants and visit local shops whenever possible. This all brings economic benefit to the local communities that we visit.

This tour enjoys and contributes to Austin’s vibrant music and culture scene. Tourism is key to the commercial success of Austin, and helps the provision of job opportunities for local musicians.

Your stay on a Western Ranch is a wonderful experience and no better way to experience the ‘wild west’ than with a saddle and riding into the undiscovered Texan plains. Your visit helps with the preservation of this historic way of life. It helps to ensure that younger generations can enjoy this facility and learn new skills such as horse-riding, fly-fishing, and outdoor cookouts.

The story of the provider of Texas small group holiday, America

Having been focused on fun American road trips for the “young” since 1972, it was a natural progression to offer these incredible once in a lifetime road trips to people of all ages. And so the idea was born in 2010 growing from its sister company thanks to increasing demand for unique and specialist American road trips. We now offer over 60 tours focusing on the natural and cultural wonders of the Americas, as well as dedicated walking, wildlife and family adventure tours. We aim to deliver the very best in small group adventures: It’s our passion; it’s what we live for.

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Texas small group holiday, America

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