Galapagos & Machu Picchu holiday

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Galapagos & Machu Picchu holiday


To help preserving the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands, this trip is designed with high environmental standards. At the same time you will be travelling in small groups at a time (6-8 people max) and you will receive a scientific orientation in our offices in order to guide you better for the work you will be doing and make you aware of the conservation situation going on in the Islands so you will act responsible during your stay.

When travelers are in ecologically sensitive areas like the Galapagos it is essential that they minimize waste and recycle. Guides will make the travelers aware of their impact by telling them the adverse effect that littering can leave on the local environment. Guides will tell participants of their impact.

In Peru we reduce carbon foortprint by using organic and local food producers and when possible eco hotels. The Inka Trek is a great example of sustainable travel and very amicable with the environment.

In our office we try to maintain environmental consciousness by recycling, limiting our water usage and using energy efficient light bulbs. We also try to limit unnecessary waste by using electronic documentation when possible, rather than paper documents.


This program enables you to become a responsible tourist mainly because the revenue you will leave during your trip will go to the local Community in the Islands. Quite different from travelling in a cruise, where most of the revenue goes to companies based on the mainland or internationally. With this you help the community to develop, and you get a chance to meet them, learn how they live, and understand all the problems they are facing in the Islands.

We employ local staff, they are all from Ecuador. Most have attended local Universities. New staff are trained accordingly. We have partnerships with local hostels and hotels. In the Galapagos and in most of our other trips we do our best to eat locally. We work in contact with local producers to try to limit our carbon footprint.

Many of our programs directly involve community members. Whether it may be from teaching football to local youths, to teaching English to indigenous children or helping to build homes for needy families we are always community oriented. We do encourage our participants to take public transportation or walk. Most find it refreshing and easy to use.

We are local providers so we know and hire local guides, families, porters, etc. and constantly monitor their needs and progress in the tourism industry. We try to leave most of our revenue with family owned hostels, activities and else instead of large multinational tourism corporations.

When we do not provide food services to our participants we encourage them to eat at local restaurants. There is a great number of local restaurants that offer incredible varieties of food at affordable prices. Travelers get to experience new cuisine. Plus this money goes directly to the local community. We have informative information sessions before the travelers begin their program. There is also supplemental material that we provide through our website and pamphlets that give the traveler useful information about their impact on the environment and what they can do to conserve it.

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