Las Vegas to Calgary adventure holiday

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20 Sep 2017
US $ 2490
excluding flights
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02 May 2018
US $ 2790
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18 Sep 2018
US $ 2790
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Las Vegas to Calgary adventure holiday


The American Southwest Adventure Trip visits many of the National Parks. It goes without saying that we recycle to local possibilities and leave our campsites exactly as we found them. Being out in the wilderness also means teaching our guests how to interact with wildife safely. We make sure to not put wild animals in any danger through frequent interaction with humans. For bears this means for example to never leave any food or trash open or unlocked in our camps to make sure these beautiful wild animals don't get used to different food sources other than what mother nature provides them.

Our Overland Vehicle is running carbon neutral. As much as we believe that the only right way is to save ressources and find ways to reduce CO2 emmissions we also think running our vehicle carbon neutral is at least a start: It is a necessary second-best solution for us as a small company. We decided to go with atmosfair, which is a climate protection organisation with a focus on travel. They actively protect the climate by compensating greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energies, among other activities. This means we are calculating the fuel consumption for a whole year. 3 liters of fuel equals 3 kg of CO2. For the amount of CO2 emissions we will pay atmosfair to compensate and reinvest in green energy projects


We believe that traveling broadens your mind. Group travel allows you not only to encounter the culture of the places you are visiting it also allows you to interact with people from different countries learning about their living experiences. Being out in the nature and sleeping under the stars brings you freedom and may give you different perspectives and views on you life back home.

Being a small family run business, we pride ourselves on developing relationships with the locals, most notably the local suppliers. When we provide accommodations, we do everything we can to work with small local businesses. Going shopping, we look for local farmersí markets to purchase local produce.
If we are providing accommodations, we work for example with a small local ranch who have been running a local business for a long time.

When we travel throughout North America, there are many different cultures we associate with helping to preserve and develop a better understanding of their heritages. The Native Americans of Monument Valley and Gitxsan Territory are just two of the cultural project we support. The visit to Monument Valley includes a local jeep tour that takes us through the spiritual valley and into the home of a local rug maker. Here we enter a Hogan, Native American dwelling, and discuss the hardships of living within the desert. All the while the elderly woman works on her loom to make rugs to support her family.
Our visit helps perpetuate the authentic lifestyles of the people who have always lived there. This experience allows our passengers to understand how these native peoples have evolved over the centuries before and after European contact.

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