Ghana wildife safari, 4 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ghana wildife safari, 4 days


Participants on this trip are not allowed to litter the environment but are rather encouraged to sensitize the visited communities on environmental protection issues such as waste water management and efficient energy conservation. Litter and leftover food doesn't not only spoil the beauty of the park, it can also be dangerous to wildlife.

We continue to develop formal and casual partnership with the communities we visit to help address some of their environmental concerns through traveler fund raising initiatives.

We believe that excessive visits to the communities and environments with so many people has possible environmental depletion effect, we therefore rotate our tours with limited number of travelers on a trip among the communities we visit just to avoid the depletion of the destination sites.

Keep your food away from wildlife and store it properly. Never leave food unattended while on safari and/or if you are close to wildlife. Do not feed animals. Animals in the park are not tamed. Feeding them alters their natural behavior and they can become dangerous to you.


The Northern Regions of Ghana are considered the most under-developed in the country. We want to use tourism to develop these communities. All guides on this trip are local guides, picked for their excellent indigenous knowledge of the community; these local people are in the best position to explain the history of the culture handed to them by their forefathers. Employment is created through such means, and helps to support these communities year-round.

Mognori Eco-vilaage and Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary are community based eco-tourism sites and your visit is much appreciated since the money generated from entrance fees is used for community development. We encourage tourists and travellers to leave money in the community by purchasing souvenirs such as smock, calabash, wooding carvings and eat locally made foods which are tasty and very nutritious.

We are aware of the needs of the local people, in this respect our doors are wide opened for any traveler who genuinely wants to help the people in his/her own small way.We give travelers the option to patronize local meals on the trip as a way of leaving monies with the local people. Our guide is also present throughout to ensure that your actions do not harm the environment or offend the communities, and who can explain the best way to behave respectfully.

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