Bird watching holiday in Spain

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bird watching holiday in Spain


1. Wildlife. We are committed to wildlife and nature conservation and we encourage our guests to follow our lead or even to make suggestions based on their own experiences or knowledge! Sharing experiences and ideas can be a very fruitful way of developing and innovating sustainable tourism products and initiatives focused on nature conservation. A good idea should not be obstructed by country boundaries. We try to ensure the minimum disturbance to birds and other wildlife by working to the principle that the welfare of the bird comes first. We are actively involved in many conservation initiatives in northeast Spain.

2. Transport. The fast train service linking the two modules for birding in the northeast and southwest of Spain is an efficient and comfortable low carbon form of transport. We could drive between these separate points, spending all day on the roads, but we prefer to use the train. This is because it helps to reduce our carbon emissions, but also emphasises a message of commitment to addressing environmental issues as important as climate change. Moreover, through our focusing on this point potential and real clients may be encouraged to look further into similar possibilities when arranging future trips.


1. Friends and neighbours. We like to spread tourist income to those most in need, especially where they have demonstrated to be a worthy and receptive focus for our attention. In the past we have reflected good experiences with local suppliers, friendly people, etc on the social media we most commonly use, and this is a practice we are likely to continue and even to strengthen in the future. Over the years we have accrued some considerable experience about the best/friendliest places to eat, buy drinks or souvenirs, stay overnight, etc. and we seek to raise the profile of the nature tourist by frequenting these establishments whenever possible.

2. Travelling with respect. We work to create good relationships between tourists and the local community. Firstly, we approach this subject by leading through example: we like people to see we are interested in their nature and culture, we show respect for local values of good citizenship, we generally abide by the pre-existing rules without demanding special ones be applied for us. Our clients are most unlikely to litter or behave in a way that perjudicates the natural values they are there to appreciate. Our role in this sense is merely to underline these good practices, encourage them, and to ensure that correction is applied in the rare cases it would be necessary. We actively seek local advice on any matters or requirements that may not seem obvious to us at first, and local people are often glad we asked.

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