Peru and Bolivia holiday, highlights in 12 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Peru and Bolivia holiday, highlights in 12 days


This tour is designed for people interested in culture and nature as part of their travel experience. We will take you to places and destinations where tourism is being used to help protect very valuable and unique destinations of these two Andean countries.

Your visit to Sandoval Lake Lodge, inside the Tambopata National Reserve will support government efforts to help secure a healthy habitat for the rare and threatened Giant Otter. No other location like Lake Sandoval offers a high chance to observe this magnificent predator, usually traveling in a large group including several members and also cubs. Besides otters, the surrounding landscape of Lake Sandoval is a well-preserved territory of an endless biological richness and beauty. The tall and ancient rainforests and also old Brazil-nut groves which are home to amazing mammals, birds, and myriads of insect species and plants; many still unknown by science. Tourism in this part of Peru has become a great justification to conserve larger portions of still untouched rainforests presently threatened by cattle ranching, slash-and-burning agriculture, gold mining, and other poorly planed colonization schemes along the Interoceanic Highway, envisioned by the 70s to sell timber and soybeans to Asia.

The case is similar in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna Reserve in South Bolivia. This preserve is home of the largest nesting populations of Puna and Andean flamingos in the world, and is also home of the Puna Fox, Lesser Rhea, Puma, Condor, Vicuña, and rare plant species that no longer exist in other places of the Altiplano or the Central Andes and therefore it is very important to help protect them.

You will also visit Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sucre and Potosi - all world heritage sites, which will help local governments to protect these popular destinations that still have invaluable historical and cultural monuments, and living cultures as well. Many of our employees or third parties are native from these locations and are best placed to help people to travel sensitively through them.

We have selected third parties, services, and hotels that agree with our work philosophy, and who/which do their best to include best practices to secure the environment and respectful attitudes toward local cultures and our heritage.


For more than 20 years we have been involved in conservation, responsible travel, and even in citizen science. We have realized that tourism represents a more convenient or better opportunity to create more permanent jobs and help save the natural capital or heritage, without requiring costly budgets and expensive high-input technology. With all this knowledge, we became active participants in the implementation of several successful tourism projects in the Andes and Amazon of Bolivia and Peru, either as field consultants or as tour operators.

Our staff and third parties are all committed to offering quality in our services, following our work philosophy. Our guides are all local and we do our best to present travel experiences where basic services are the top of the line, and are in line with environmental and local practices. We guarantee that our operations implement friendly practices towards locals, indigenous people, wildlife, and careful checks when visiting nature, cultural and historical locations.

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