Gozo yoga holiday in Malta

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Gozo yoga holiday in Malta


We are lucky enough to be based on an island that the government of Malta is aiming to make an eco island by 2020. To support this we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible, helping to preserve this beautiful island.

Wherever we are teaching we encourage people to use public transport which is very good on the island, or to hire a bike to minimise carbon output. The island is quite small, so easy to get around, and many sites are easily within walking distance.

We provide guests with a locally made bag to discourage the use of plastic bags. We make our guests aware of the huge importance of using resources, such as water, carefully on the island, and encourage switching off lights, not leaving fans/ a/c on when out of rooms etc. We also encourage the re-use of plastic bottles, and can point out the best places around the island to fill these.


The holiday is run in locally owned apartment complexes. Apart from the main yoga teacher, all staff are employed locally, from taxi drivers to to tour guides, creating more income for the local inhabitants of Gozo.

We will be encouraging guests to buy from local cottage industries, and aim to introduce them to as many local businesses as possible, so that in every way we aim to support the local economy and infra structure.

For our meals we use home-grown and locally grown produce where possible. Many of the farms on the island are still in operation today, so we patronise these as a priority to ensure their continued success. We encourage guests to go to local markets, and above all respect this tiny island for its ancient culture and incredible quaintness.

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