2016 Northwest Passage cruise

“Navigating the Northwest Passage is not a trip many can lay claim to and this is your chance to travel in comfort as you venture into the Arctic accompanied by polar experts.”


Follow Amundsen and Franklin through the Northwest Passage | Victory Point shipwrecks | Somerset Island archaeological Inuit sites | Beechey Island 'graveyard' | wildlife spotting within Lancaster Sound | former RCMP outpost on Dundas Harbour | meet Inuit children on Pond Inlet | trek or kayak on Sunshine Fjord | Angmarlik Visitor Centre on Pangnirtung | on-board lecture programme | Flexible, weather dependent, itinerary includes: Zodiac excursions and plenty of free time on deck |

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Our top tip:
Zodiac cruises can include harsh winds and sea spray, you will get wet and cold if not properly kitted out. Wellies are issued however, it's also worth investing in quality all-over waterproofs, walking boots and sealable camera bags.
Trip type:
Small ship expedition cruise, max 90 passengers. Min age 18.
Activity level:
100 berth Polar adventure ship. Includes bar, lounge, library, dining room, fitness/spa facilities and presentation theatre. All cabins face outwards and the majority have private facilities.
Accommodation, transport, listed activities, team of polar experts.
All meals taken on-board ship.
Single sailors welcome to share same gender twin cabins.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: 2016 Northwest Passage cruise


This tour is nature based and extremely conscious of our presence in the Arctic environment and minimising our effects on it. Often just seeing whales, seals and polar bears in their natural environments can be a very moving experience and clients either donate to related charities or develop a lifelong interest in their conservation. Our main activities include wildlife watching, guided photography, sea kayaking and hiking so these have a low impact. Although we will mainly be away from civilisation, we will make stops at settlements like Sisimiut and Pond Inlet, where we can make a positive impact by spending money here and finding out about life in these remote communities.

Reducing Emissions and Waste:
Our eco-conscious approach means we travel to remote and pristine destinations differently than others in the industry. Our vessel burns Marine Gas Oil (MGO) – a clean burning fuel with a low emission factor- and despite being far more expensive, it is the only fuel we consider using. We also reduce consumption and emissions by tailoring our itinerary to operate at a more leisurely pace, rather than going full steam ahead at all times. Our smaller Zodiac landing crafts are more lightweight and nimble and they are powered by low-emission engines as well. We offer a carbon offsetting option for clients and make a collective effort to minimise excess waste on board, disposing of everything on land.

Staff and Client Preparation:
We have developed a comprehensive staff training and accreditation program which ensures that our staff is fully aware of responsible tourism issues and that they are kept updated with refresher courses. From safety to environmental sustainability, our staff should be experts and able to pass vital information on clients in briefings. We also send extensive preparatory packs out to every group including guidelines from the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and our own material. We emphasise that the protection of this pristine yet fragile environment and its wildlife is at the forefront of what we do.

UK Office:
It all starts at home so we have first worked at reducing our carbon footprint in our UK Offices. Through energy conservation measures and recycling policies, we are proud to be actively reducing the waste produced and our impact on the environment. We support various projects all over the world to try and give something back to the places we visit.


Local Craft and Culture:
When visiting the town of Sisimiut, we hope to meet a few of the traditional Greenlandic kayakers and might be able to arrange a demonstration of ‘Eskimo Rolling’ by one of the former champions of the Greenland Kayaking Championships. We will also visit the town of Pond Inlet and make our base at the Natinnak Centre, where a spectacular cultural exhibit will be the background of a display put on for us by the Elders and youth. Inuit carvings, jewellery and other local craft will be available to purchase from the local artisans. Both of these stops are a great chance for cultural exchange and for us to help the economy of these communities.

Local Sourcing:
We plan to take advantage of local products as a means of boosting communities local to us and reducing our carbon footprint on the whole. This is evident in the meals provided, which are created with sustainability in mind. Seafood, for example, will always be fresh and purchased based on the responsible management of the fishery for each particular species and will observe guidelines similar to the MSC and Audubon Society. Our gift shop only sells items which have been thoroughly researched as to where an item has come from, whether it has been produced fairly, what it is made of and distance it has had to travel.

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