Yoga and diving holiday in Bali

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yoga and diving holiday in Bali


Our Bali Yoga and Diving Retreat is all about the unique diving experience - being calm, slow & nourishing. Together we will take the time to slow down, feel and experience the sensation of wholeness - being one with our breath, mind, body and fluids – the water within us and the water all around us. Being aware of the unique underwater species and fish in ways we have never done before.

Water – we realize how precious conserving water is, therefore during our stay at the Prana Veda Sanctuary in Bali we offer our clients free drinking water refills to minimize wastage of plastic bottles throughout our retreat; and ask clients if they want items laundered before simply washing towels and linens unnecessarily in order to conserve water.

Wildlife – We cherish the importance of truly being with the underwater world as it is. This is not the usual diving trip where you tick off as many fish species as possible during a dive or try to achieve a depth record. We will also emphasis on being respectful underwater - divers are encouraged to move with awareness and respect underwater, we will observe and won’t impact the sea and keep only beautiful memories.

Waste - Being a very popular tourist destination, we want to ensure that future generations have the chance to benefit from Bali’s stunning natural beauty as much as we do. We encourage travellers to be respectful and not to litter. While touring in remote areas and even while scuba-diving, we carry rubbish with us and ensure we do not disturb anything in the natural environment.


Travelling with respect – blending with the local community is one of the things we find important. We always encourage guests to explore & immerse themselves into the local way of life by cycling to nearby villages and interacting with locals, smiling and being friendly.

Friends and neighbors - we are always eager to promote local employment - during our Bali Yoga and Diving retreat, we will employ locals as tour guides (underwater and above), drivers, housekeepers, cooks, and therapists since we believe they are the real colors of the place and they bring their own stories, charm and insight into the culture and because this also helps the local community to develop.

Local crafts and culture - preserving and learning about how things are used locally is part of our retreat , in one of our day trips we will be learning about local healing plants and spices.

Volunteering and charity - our retreats are part of Come & Give Back where 10% of profits go directly towards non-profits that help our worldwide family. For our Bali Yoga and Diving Retreat we will donate to Village Gaunshahar in Nepal:
Helping Heaven Hill Academy school and the remote village Gaunshahar with their future project of building a new free independent school. The intake of the students for the new school will be irrespective of caste and will welcome those children from families who struggle the most with school fees, uniforms, books, stationery and meals. Current help is needed for basic school materials, clothes, and aid for the village farm.

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