Yoga and Nature Retreat in Bali

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yoga and Nature Retreat in Bali


Our Yoga and Nature retreats are all about our connection to nature, being mindful and aware of the present moment in everyday life. All of our activities during the retreat are connected to nature; sacred walks in nature, wild dance, creative workshops, yoga and meditation outdoors and nature hikes. Being aware of the flora and fauna, nature's sounds, smells and living creatures.

Water – we realize how precious conserving water is, during our retreat we will ask clients if they want items laundered before simply washing towels and linens unnecessarily in order to conserve water.

Waste – Bali is a very popular tourist destination, we want to ensure that future generations have the chance to benefit from Bali’s stunning natural beauty as much as we do. We encourage travellers to be respectful and not to litter. While touring in remote areas we carry rubbish with us and ensure we do not disturb anything in the natural environment.

As a company: We strive to operate as a paperless company as far as possible, and recycle as much as possible and wherever facilities are available.


During our Bali Nature Retreat we will be experiencing local culture by participating in a local cooking class. During our excursions we will visit important cultural spots such as temples and local market life.

We have carefully chosen our venue for this retreat run by friendly warm locals and their passion for what they do can be felt in the way they treat their guests. The villa is located in a local remote village near Ubud which makes it easy to soak up authentic local culture, including elaborate temple ceremonies, music and the beautiful warmth of the locals.

Friends and neighbors - we are always eager to promote local employment - during our Bali Yoga and Nature retreat, we will employ locals as tour guides, drivers, housekeepers, cooks, and therapists since we believe they are the real colors of the place and they bring their own stories, charm and insight into the culture and because this also helps the local community to develop.

Volunteering and charity - our retreats are part of Come & Give Back where 10% of profits go directly towards non-profits that help our worldwide family. For our Bali Yoga and Nature Retreat we will donate to Rasta NGO in India: RASTA stands for the Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement and is based in Wayanad, Kerala, India. This NGO was established in 1987. RASTA focuses its work on empowering tribes, Dalits, and women who are economically and socially disadvantaged, as well as small and marginal farmers and serves a population of over 150,000 in Wayanad and other districts of the state.

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