Luxury safari in Tanzania, Selous and Zanzibar

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Luxury safari in Tanzania, Selous and Zanzibar


Whilst on safari you might have the opportunity to see Wild dogs which are some of the most endangered carnivores in Africa, and Tanzania is a key country for their conservation. Few areas of Africa have more than 100 wild dogs in any one place, but the largest single population is in the Selous, and wild dogs can also be seen in the Ruaha. Local guides will accompany you and ensure that if you are lucky enough to see wild dogs during your stay, they are approached in a respectful and sensitive manner. They will also let you know about schemes you can get involved with ti help prevent further decline. The Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute aims to conserve the population of wild dog in Tanzania, and by sending your photographs in to them, you can help them monitor the dog population. In return, the institute will tell you if they know of the dogs in your photographs, and fill you in on a little of the dogs’ history. For more information go to

Beho Beho is built of local stone and palm thatch. Electricity at the lodge is provided in part by generator, water from a bore hole, and heat from solar panels. In terms of waste disposal, they have devised a system whereby any wet waste is spread on trays in a caged off pit and allowed to dry in the sun for a few days. As soon as it is dry enough, it is then burnt in this pit, which is isolated and cleared of vegetation to prevent hazard, using grasses which would be slashed away from the immediate area around the main camp and guest accommodation anyway. In this way they insure that their waste is disposed of once and for all, and as quickly as is possible. Furthermore, they are insuring that they are not contaminating the natural environment with alien species, changing the behaviour of the local wildlife or adding to the problems of waste disposal in the wider community.
All their plastics, metal and paper waste are separated in camp, loaded onto their supply truck for its return to Dar es Salaam in separate areas of the truck so as to be identified and recycled once back in an urban centre.

Environmental Commitments at Kilindi include recycling all plastic and tin and paying extra for refuse to be processed correctly. Recycling all grey water produced by the lodge, using solar for water heating, growing their own vegetables and composting for the gardens. They also monitor all water consumption and power use on the property on a daily basis and all lighting is LED.
Responsible Tourism Tanzania has rated Kilindi Zanzibar "Sapling" - one of only 2 properties with this rating in Zanzibar.

Kilindi Zanzibar is also helping to provide a safe haven for Tanzania’s sea turtle population. The Land & Life Foundation has secured a protected section of beach at Kilindi to help protect these precious creatures. Kilindi are now funding and working with a local turtle monitor, Choroko, to relocate and protect turtle eggs from theft or damage and currently are protecting at least 118 turtle eggs. These eggs were the first arrivals to the new project and are now under 24-hour surveillance until they hatch on the protected area of beach.

Choroko is working hard to relocate and keep safe all unprotected turtle nests. Already known as the community's first point of contact for turtle protection, they will respond to reports of any nest that might be in danger of being damaged or having eggs stolen from it.

Sea turtles in Tanzania, including those around the island of Zanzibar, face all the same threats as those in other areas along the East coast of Africa - natural predation from sharks and whales, rampant poaching, loss of nesting areas, commercial beach activity, and unmanaged and illegal developments on sea front and beach areas.

By working with Choroko, Kilindi aim to reduce the impact of these threats and enable the local sea turtle population to thrive, and you are contributing to this through your stay.


The places where you'll stay whilst on safari all have very close links to the community. Beho Beho for example aim to build on good relationships between the communities with the hope that there is a better chance of winning the fight against poaching in the Selous. They believe that it is imperative that the people see and understand the benefits of these protected areas and by sharing these benefits hope they will then appreciate and play their part in the protection of the natural resources.

Together with READ International, Beho Beho recently sponsored the rehabilitation of a library at a secondary school in a village called Kisaki. Friends, family and staff volunteered to do all the work of furnishing the library and stocking it with about 5000 books and hope that in the coming years the younger generation will learn and understand the importance of education, believing in turn it will make the work of protecting local resources much easier.

Your safari drivers and guides whilst in Selous are local and know the area very well. They have stories and a wealth of information which help guests to understand its importance to both the animals and communities who live there.

Social Commitments at Kilindi include hiring staff from the local community as a priority, spending $35,000 on a building for storage and a workshop for the local fishing and boat building community. Helping the local school by building a computer room for their students and supporting the local authorities with financial aid for emergency services together with other operators in the area. They have information available on local restaurants, craft markets and tour operators to help you make the most of your time and ensure that local businesses and people benefit from your visit too,

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