Northern Lights holiday, Norway & Finnish Lapland

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northern Lights holiday, Norway & Finnish Lapland


In Kirkenes and Northern Norway, environmental sustainability can be seen in the King Crab industry. They are caught in line with strict laws and quotas enforced by treaties between Norway and Russia. The fisherman on the king crab safaris are local to the region and make a point to follow these guidelines, sharing this knowledge with holidaymakers. During the Nellim trip, guests will visit a local working reindeer herder. Doing so, they will be supporting and contributing to the maintenance of the Sámi reindeer-herding lifestyle. During this excursion a cultural insight is promoted as well as showing a commitment to the conservation of wildlife that is fundamental to the region. The Kirkenes Snowhotel is not only a major employer in the winter season but also demonstrates great environmental sustainability by using ice sourced from local frozen lakes. In the coming summer, this melts back into the ground. The building is constructed according to the calculations of a Finnish professor of snow architecture, ensuring that it works as efficiently as possible with the surrounding environment. The hotel also uses low energy-consuming LED lighting, which produces significantly less heat pollution.


Nellim Wilderness Hotel is owned by a local family who have lived and worked in the region for many years. It has come to be of great community benefit: formerly an old school building in the 1960s, its refurbishments have enabled it to be used once again. This has also protected the heritage of the region – reinvented it, in fact. The building is very much in keeping with the local area. A major source of employment for the local community, the hotel supports the culture of the native Sámi; a heritage of the utmost importance in this region. As a matter of fact, the hotels on this trip maintain strong ties with the local Sámi community. This is clearly evidenced when guests take cultural excursions such as the Sámi reindeer herder visit. We are proud to see our holiday support the Norwegian King Crab industry. These creatures have become something of a symbol for their area and are of great economic value for the fishermen who catch them. In enjoying this delicacy, guests help to promote their traditional lifestyle, and take back these memories to their own countries.

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