Cambodia conservation holiday, elephant adventure

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cambodia conservation holiday, elephant adventure


All our programs are socially and environmentally responsible. Our Cambodia Elephant program involves replanting the forest habitat to keep it as natural and pristine as possible. Our participants also tie blessed, saffron cloth around trees to deter illegal loggers.

Our Cambodia Building project uses natural products that are locally produced. Village craftsmen teach the participants how to employ traditional methods of thatching and construction.

Elephants are perhaps the most nurturing animals in the world. They are not weaned until around the age of three, and female elephants typically stay close to their mothers until the mother dies of old age, while males stay until adolescence. Elephant herds are big family units led by the oldest female in the group. The whole family works together to care for each other and protect their young.

As an organisation we are committed to the abolition of elephant riding. Few people seem to know and understand the dark side of this practise and the awful cruelty inflicted on these wonderful creatures when they are in their infancy so that their spirit can be broken and they can be trained to be ridden.

A big part of caring for the elephants is providing them with enrichment. Since elephants are largely social animals, we focus on providing mental stimulation as well as physical exercise.

Stimulation is given in many forms and on varying schedules but usually includes taking the elephants for a walk in the jungle each day. Nothing is worse for the mental health of the elephants than being chained in the same location for day after day with the only change in routine being the delivery of a daily meal.

We take the elephants to a watering hole each day and provide them with the stimulation of a daily bath. They love this activity more than any other and we believe it provides a great stimulus and mental comfort to them.

Many elephants have been cruelly abused in the past and the process of winning their trust and confidence is slow, but once they realise that we are there to make their lives better they become the most docile and interacting of creatures.


We work in village communities on projects that restore and improve the living conditions of the rural poor and help to conserve wildlife and rejuvenate forest and jungle areas.

This project is working at two levels to restore jungle habitat and to rehabilitate elephants that have been abused and subject to unspeakable cruelties.

The sanctuary on which we are working is located in Kulen-Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary in the provinces of Preah Vihear, Siem Reap and Odor Mean Chey in Cambodia and covers approximately one million acres. A truly unique natural experience awaits you here.
A dedicated group of conservationists work alongside the Cambodian Government to preserve this delicate and diverse environment. But your help is still needed.

The sanctuary was founded by Los Angeles attorney David B Casselman. The Cambodian government wanted to preserve the area but lacked the finances. He provided the solution.

Elephants are a natural part of the Cambodian jungle and so Lek Chailert, winner of the Thailand Outstanding Woman of the Year Award in 2008 for her work with elephants was asked to help re-introduce elephants into this natural environment.

Working with Lek, we has been instrumental in providing teams of people to carry out much of the work in caring for the elephants, planting appropriate food for them and replanting native trees into the jungle to revegetate the deforested areas.

This remarkable partnership of an American philanthropist, the Cambodian government, a high profile animal activist and our volunteers is a unique example of how the world-wide community of people who care about animals and the environment can come together to do good in the world.

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