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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lapland extreme adventure Holiday


As avid travellers ourselves we have witnessed first-hand how tourism can have either positive or negative effects on local communities. We vowed to always make it a priority to leave a positive mark on all places we visit and send clients. Our clients’ requirements are of primary importance to us at all times, as we know that our growth and success depend on their continued support.

Our service providers respect these governing principles. They ensure that the tours our clients take part in are in line with these governing regulations.

As a company: We strive to operate as a paperless company as far as possible, and recycle wherever facilities are available. We use toxic-free fair trade products whenever we can.

While travelling: Many of the suppliers we work with offer our clients free drinking water refills to minimise wastage of plastic bottles through out the trips; and ask clients if they want items laundered before simply washing towels and linens unnecessarily, to conserve water. While in remote areas, we carry rubbish with us and ensure we do not disturb anything in the natural environment.

While we are there: We will visit protected conservation areas, such as the Korouoma Nature Reserve, and ensure that our clients are given the correct guidance to minimise their impact on the environment and respect the natural wonders of the area. We use guides that are local to the area and have been trained, thus bettering their communities. These guides typically communicate all the do’s and don’ts while visiting these protected areas. It is common for these areas to also ask for a fee to appreciate the protected area. These fees go to conservation and infrastructure efforts directly supporting the area.

This tour also educates about the traditions and culture of the area. A local reindeer shepherd teaches about the everyday life and habits of local wildlife, as well as some of the traditions of the Sami people.

Focusing on exploring the natural wonders of the area, this trip aims to create a love of and respect for the environment and subsequently conservation in the areas visited.


This tour has been designed to both operate in a way that minimises our impact on the environment that we visit and to maximise the benefit that our clients can have on the host community. We endeavour to follow responsible guidelines, as with all trips. Guests will be briefed on responsible tourism at the start of the trip, and encouraged to be mindful of the environment and respectful of local people and culture.

While we are there: We encourage our clients to have a truly immersive experience as well as support the livelihood of the local community. We ensure guests have opportunities to purchase locally produced traditional crafts at the source, ensuring maximum financial benefit to producers and artisans. We travel in small groups to ensure our customers can interact with locals in a meaningful way and to ensure that any impact on local communities is minimised.

For a cultural experience we recommend visiting: Ranua - where you will enjoy dinner in a Kota, a traditional Sami house. The Sami people are the indigenous people of Lapland and their rich and colorful culture is ever present in the music, handicrafts and food.

Where we stay: As a boutique travel company we recommend unique and authentic travel experiences. We recommend accommodation that will add to the uniqueness and sense of adventure of the trip and we therefore encourage our clients to stay in privately owned accommodation where possible to support the local community. Where the hotel owners source staff, produce, products and other services from within the local community, thus giving the local people an opportunity to gain financially from the increase in tourism in the area.

Typically with all our tailor-made trips to destinations we enjoy offering new routes and encourage travel to areas that are not on the main tourist trails and further support communities.

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