Cuba adventure tour, 8 day itinerary

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cuba adventure tour, 8 day itinerary


Cuba's ecosystems are under threat due to the high volume of tourists currently visiting the country and the prospect of increased growth in this industry. In particular, marine conservation is an important issue. We avoid beachside mega-hotel complexes where the impact on marine environments is at its highest, and instead opt for small, boutique accommodation. This way, we are encouraging promotion of locally-owned businesses, rather than the building of more major hotel complexes. We encourage reduced consumption and waste, and teach our visitors about sensitivity to the local natural and social environments.

As Latin America specialists, we are the official travel partner of ArBolivia Project, a reforestation initiative. It takes 25 years and more than 60 for a typical tree to reach sufficient maturity to be felled and exported, which is where ArBolivia relies on donations. Our project sponsorship programme guarantees a 60 donation for every person travelling with us. 100% of donations go directly to the ArBolivia Project to ensure that farmers are paid and supported to enable their trees to grow and avoid slash and burn farming. We also encourage our customers to match this donation, which we facilitate on their behalf.


Cuba is an example of where vulnerable communities and environments rely heavily on an income from tourists, however we encourage tourists to travel in a way that does not undermine or damage local culture.

Cuba is a unique place with a strong identity, and we encourage visitors to respect the laws of this country, which they may find very different to those that they are used to. We introduce visitors to the wealth of culture that makes this country so special, and help them to overcome preconceptions by providing unique experiences that are not always part of the traditional tourist trail.

We encourage visitors to learn a few simple words and phrases of Spanish before their visit. Even the simplest words and phrases will go a long way in allowing them to interact with the local people. And, no matter how little they know, it's always appreciated. We also encourage visitors whilst in country to buy locally produced products and services. We strive to offer this already within our itineraries but if in doubt customers can ask our office or their guides & drivers for more information on the services being provided and/or to direct them to locally owned businesses and cooperatives.

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