Ladakh cultural tour, India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ladakh cultural tour, India


To enhance the positive impact of tourism in people, destinations and economies and eliminate its negative effects, we work with local partners that aim to being part of the solutions, developing innovative projects and keeping the finger on the current pulse. Our local partner in India is a member of Ecotourism Society of India, thriving to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable practices in the tourism industry across the country, positioning India as a Global eco-tourism destination.

Ecotourism in Ladakh
This tour is one with a lower ecological footprint in general, as it includes plenty of nature, trekking and the visit of natural and cultural sites and monasteries in a region where ecotourism is a big priority. Apart from the unique landscape and harsh beauty, the mountains in Ladakh support a high altitude ecosystem with rare and endangered flora and fauna.

Local organisations like the Mountain Institue, Ladakh Ecological Development Group or Snow Leopard Conservancy put great effort into maintaining a balance in the unique cultural, social and environmental heritage of Ladakh.

There is particular focus on this trip and in Ladakh of maintaining the traditional way of life, the simple Ladahki food, and the traditional cultural environment based on eco-tourism concepts while generating economic benefits for rural populations in ways that are environmentally and socially responsible. People throughout Ladakh are being asked to reduce waste and water consumption and to use more environmental options when possible. Our core principle is to respect and enhance these values by encouraging our travellers and guides to keep the extra unneeded waste to a minimum in all our tours.

Responsible resorts:
The hotels we pick subscribe to harness a healthy, green clean policy both for local communities and for their staff which ties in with our own belief and passion to keeping as green as we possibly can.

The Grand Dragon Ladakh on your trip is a hotel that has made important environmental improvements to its structure. It has been constructed in traditional Ladakhi style but conforms to Green Architectural standards by using state of art techniques, like 95 Solar panels for hot water supply and under floor heating, natural sunlight in bathrooms and guest rooms, energy efficient LED and CFL lights, practicing non-toxic chemicals and detergents for cleaning purposes, aerators in taps and special flushes which reduce water consumption by nearly 50% compared to conventional ones, environmental awareness training classes for the hotel team members and much more. The hotel has also a sewage treatment plan, the frist and only in the Ladakh region.

Moreover, it is decorated magnificently with handmade paintings by Gulam Mustafa (First modern Artist of Ladakh) around every corner, and fixtures that are reminiscent of royalty. You will also be staying in eco-friendly tents in an ethnical camp in the midst of nature, apple and abricot trees.

Organic farming
The concept of organic farming has been used for many decades in Ladakh. Organic farmers aim to grow local products without using pesticides that are harmful for Ladakh's ecosystem, they try to use the land in such a way that it can be re-used again and again, and they try not to contribute to the ever-increasing trend of pollution in this beautiful area of the world. In Ladakh, organic farming is hence the only form of agriculture that respects Ladakh's long-term future. You will be able to benefit from organic produce during your stay and you might even be able to join the Ladakh Organic Farming Volunteering Programme if you wish.


We base the core of your travel experience not only on principles of responsible tourism, social consciousness and environmental concerns, but also on unique cultural experiences that bring diverse communities together and increase understanding.

We are committed to showing travellers a deeper meaning to what they do and how they explore the many facets of India. It is important to us to include the visit of sacred sites in our tours, which can help our travellers reflect inwards and increase their awareness about life and themselves and how things can be done differently.

By discovering the monasteries, ancient holy sites and local ethnicities in Ladakh, you will not only witness the energy of the center of Tibetan-Buddhist Culture, but also contribute to the local communities by bringing value to Ladakh´s ethical strengths and its people, allowing them to share their wisdoms with you. Some of these rare monuments and monasteries you visit were previously in a very poor maintenance condition. Through your visit you are contributing to their maintenance and the revival of their historical importance.

By visiting the Bactrian camel farm and going on a ride on these special double-humped camels, you are contributing to the conservation work for this threatened breed. The Bactrian Camel was used as a traditional way of load transport over the Himalayas for centuries. The government set up the small breeding farm to keep the species alive.

We only work with local guides that come from the very region you are visiting, giving back to their families and communities. While many operators pay per day or per tour, our guides receive an hourly rate which allows a fair and fruitful reward for their expertise. We also make sure our guides take you to local places where locals of that very region craft there products, which helps keep the money earned in that very community.

We support the Sharp Memorial School for the Blind in Dehradun, India's oldest school for the visually impaired set in a wonderful location of the Indian Himalayas. Unfortunately the school's residents do not have the opportunity to see the beautiful surroundings but are cared for admirably by Mr Samuels, his wife Sumana and their wonderful team .

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