North West Vietnam tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: North West Vietnam tour


We conduct responsible tours, which means protecting the environment that we operate in.

On this tour, we bring the clients to visit all most highlights of mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam where it is still untouched and unaffected of tourism developing. Our clients will be aware that visiting there they should not throw their rubbish away or do anything damaging to the environment.

On our van on the tour we use eco-fuel such as E5/Zon 95 petrol to minimize carbon. Our driver is trained to drive in an ecofriendly way – by turning off the van while waiting for the red light and leave the air-condition off at 27degrees.

Beside the mini hotels at the towns, we use homestays which are traditional houses of the ethnic people such as in Nam Dam – Quan Ba. We advise the people on tourism issues and also suggest they use local materials (bamboo, rattan) to renovate their houses. Moreover, we warn them to reduce the use of plastic bags/products, save water and reuse the water in daily activities. If an example is set in the country first, it helps to roll the same out in tourism.


At the homestays we use local products such as food (vegetable, meat). We also encourage our hosts to cooperate with the neighbors’ villagers to supply the foodstuff for the tourists.. We also use the locals to be a local guide when needed.

Additionally, at the towns like Dong Van, Bao Lac, we choose restaurants which are owned by the locals. These are the ways we share the benefit to the locals at the sites and neighboring regions.

We train the locals in such a way they should work in tourism for example: how they welcome the guests, provide them meals and prepare the sleeping places/gears for tourists.

Each community in the North of Vietnam has an individual unique culture and custom. We encourage them to reserve their culture, custom and show this to tourists.

During the tour, our tour guide will provide the customer the information about the people, custom and habit of the communities where they will visit. This will help them to interact with the locals through chatting and eating together. Our guests, in return, will be warmly welcomed by the locals.

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