Bejing to Lhasa tour, by train

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bejing to Lhasa tour, by train


How to allow tourists to appreciate the real beauty and exotic culture of Tibet while have the lowest human impact on the environment is one of the main guidelines for our company to handle the tour. Before your head to the tour destination, our travel consultant would advise you to travel light and bring reusable toiletry containers. As tour guide introduces the varied hot attractions, they will also raise tourists’ awareness of how to respect the unique local cultures and protect biodiversity.

When tourists travel in Lhasa city, we also recommend tourists to tour the old city on foot or by bicycle and other public transportation like city bus to minimize the carbon foot print. In fact, travelling in this way, tourists can have closer contact with locals and fully discover the genuine Tibetan life. We offer eco-friendly accommodations travelers, where the water is heated with the power from the solar panels. We do remind tourists to turn off the air conditioning or other electric device if it is unnecessary. While touring the local market, never buy live wildlife home or purchase the souvenirs made of rare animals.


As a responsible tour operator, we also attaches great importance to the development of local communities. Normally, winter is the off-season for Tibet Tourism, and the fewer tourists mean lower income to locals involved in tourism. However, because of our ample winter tour groups, the local Tibetan staff can work till Feb next year (usually they work from April to Oct.) All staff of different divisions work passionately and harmoniously like a big family.

During the spring festival, our tailor-made tour will guide tourists to visit the locals’ family and celebrate the festival together with them. In this way, the cultural gaps caused by false presentation of TV drama and magazines can be bridged. The host family and the foreign guests can understand two cultures’ differences, and make friends with each other. Meanwhile Tibetan families can have extra income. During some important festivals like Losar, we will also offer donation to charity organizations and some monasteries nearby Lhasa city.

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